11 Best Places To Work Remotely in the UK

Liverpool is one of the best places to work remotely uk

The UK is the perfect place to work remotely. With a large and growing tech and startup scene, and with many cities getting involved in offering co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators, the UK is a strong option for those looking to relocate to a country where they can enjoy a high quality of life.

Outside of the US, the British economy is the biggest tech hub in Europe. It caters to remote workers in all industries — from software development and digital marketing to book publishing (and everything in between).

So if you’re looking to work remotely in the UK, we’ve put together this list of some of the best places to choose as a WFH base.

1. Cambridge

Cambridge is obviously famous for the University. But the city is also a great place to live and work. The Universities obviously attract the best and brightest minds from around the world and there are also a number of big companies based in and around the area.

Being so close to London, Cambridge also makes a good base for those who might work in a hybrid role and need to visit the city. There are regular direct train links into London and across the UK.

Cambridge has everything you could ever want from a city: there’s lots of culture, with museums like the Fitzwilliam Museum and Contemporary Art Gallery; great shopping experiences (like The Grafton Shopping Centre); plenty of parks and green spaces too if you need some fresh air after working all day or just want to relax on your lunch break!

2. Glasgow

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and, as such, offers an excellent quality of life to its residents. The city has a strong economy with plenty of jobs available including a burgeoning tech scene. There are three universities in Glasgow alone which means that the city is full of young people which gives the city a fun and edgy vibe. Additionally, if you’re looking to start your own business or would like some freelance work on the side then there are plenty of opportunities for both thanks to the large population of students and tech startups.

The cost of living in Glasgow is relatively low compared to other major cities in Europe so this makes it an even more attractive option if you want to move away from London but don’t want to spend all your savings on rent!

3. Exeter

Exeter is a great little city in the county of Devon. With access to the sea and moors, Exeter is a great place to live and work. It has a great community, good climate and culture, as well as a booming economy. The city has become increasingly popular with people choosing to work remotely because of its friendly environment, access to good transport infrastructure and beautiful surroundings.

If you’re looking for somewhere that will enable you to focus on your career while enjoying the best of British life then it might be time for you to consider relocating from London or elsewhere into this delightful city

4. Brighton

If you’re looking for an alternative to London, Brighton is the place to be. The city has the most business startups in the UK outside of London, and it’s home to many young people who are ready to work hard in exchange for a nice paycheck—especially if they can work remotely.

With all its great coffee shops and coworking spaces, Brighton makes an ideal location for those who want their job titles without having to deal with long commutes. Plus, there are plenty of coworking communities that host events throughout the year so that everyone can get together and make new friends while working hard at their jobs.

Brighton is also the LGBTQ+ capital of the UK, which means there is some seriously fun nightlife. The city also attracts big music artists and hosts regular festivals in the summer. If you’re looking for somewhere fun to work from in the UK, Brighton should be high on your list.

5. Manchester

You’ve probably heard of the famous football teams. But you don’t have to be a soccer player to enjoy all that Manchester has to offer. Known for her vibrant nightlife, sporting events and music scene, Manchester is definitely a strong contender for best UK cities for remote workers.

With all this entertainment, it can be easy to forget that Manchester is also considered one of the most vibrant cities for culture and art in the UK. The food scene is equally as impressive with some great restaurants available throughout the city centre and suburbs alike.

The tech industry is booming here too – whether you want to work in an established business or start up yourself; there’s no shortage of opportunities for digital nomads looking to use their skills remotely while living here. Additionally, there are many coworking spaces located throughout Greater Manchester making it easy for remote workers looking for community.

6. Leeds

Leeds is also a great place to live. It has a population of over half a million people, and it’s the third largest city in the UK by population. Leeds is known as England’s unofficial capital of tech startups, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other opportunities outside of business or technology. If you want to work remotely from home during your free time, there are plenty of options for leisure activities in this city!

Leeds is home to many of the UK’s beloved pubs, cafes and restaurants that are filled with friendly locals ready to greet you with good conversation and tasty food.

There are tons of networking events throughout the year organized by local organizations that may not have been advertised very well – so keep your eyes open for them! And if you’re feeling adventurous one weekend afternoon? Head over to Temple Newsam Park: it’s beautiful parkland just outside downtown where you can go hiking or enjoy nature while taking in some breathtaking views across West Yorkshire countryside at sunset!

Leeds is also well placed to explore some of the other vibrant cities in this part of the country such as York, Huddersfield and Harrogate.

7. Cardiff

Work remotely from Cardiff, the capital of Wales in the UK

The Welsh capital has a lot going for it. It’s got a thriving startup scene, and is home to many businesses including the BBC and BT Sport. The city is also full of culture, with lots of museums and galleries displaying art from around the world.

Cardiff is close to the coast, so if you want some fresh sea air or an escape from city life then you can easily drive down for an afternoon on the beach! If you want even more nature then there are plenty of hiking trails around nearby mountains or forests – just make sure to take your umbrella in case it rains!

8. Canterbury

If you’re looking for a great place to live and work remotely, Canterbury is an excellent choice. The city has a lot of history and charm, making it a wonderful place to visit. It’s also very affordable—so much so that many people choose to commute there from London or other cities where they can save money on rent if they don’t want to move into their own homes yet (which is often the case).

The city is walkable; many residents enjoy walking around town as part of their daily routine. There are also plenty of restaurants and pubs located within walking distance from each other which makes it easy for workers who want some fresh air without having too far away from their desk!

9. Birmingham

Birmingham is a fantastic place to live and work remotely. This British city has all the amenities of London with a fraction of the cost, making it an ideal location for those looking to start their business from home.

The second largest city in England, Birmingham has excellent transport links, meaning it’s easy for you to commute into town if you need to meet up with clients or colleagues face-to-face. If you want some peace and quiet though, there are plenty of cafes that offer free wifi so you can avoid dealing with crowded trains!

Birmingham has an awesome food scene too—you won’t struggle to find somewhere good to eat here! Whether it’s Italian or Mexican cuisine that tickles your fancy or something more traditional like fish and chips, this city will have something tempting on offer every time (and it’s still cheaper than London).

10. Bath, Somerset

Bath is a small city in the south west of England that remains popular with tourists as it is known for its picturesque location and British heritage. Bath also has many great coffee shops, co-working spaces and restaurants, making it an ideal place to work remotely while you enjoy the city’s culture. The city has access to the Mendip hills and there are many walks and bike routes nearby.

11. Liverpool

Famous as the home of the Beatles, the city of Liverpool remains a fun and edgy place to live for remote workers. With a very low cost of living compared to many UK cities, Liverpool offers great opportunity to explore coworking spaces and excellent coffeeshops.

Liverpool is also home to several large universities giving the city a vibrant nightlife and fun vibe. It’s also close to many of the larger cities here in the north of the UK and has a great infrastructure with a citywide metro and train links to the UK.

How much does it cost to live in the UK?

People thinking about moving to the UK are most likely wondering how much it costs to live here. Compared to North America, the cost of living in the UK is very reasonable, especially if you’re living on a tech workers salary.

The average UK salary is £38,131 (US$46,989), although a decent wage in the UK is around £25,000 (US$31,000).

In London you would expect to pay around £1500 ($1850) for a small one bedroom apartment, but in other parts of the UK this will likely get you a large house in the suburbs or a decent sized city centre apartment.

Average rent in the UK is just over £1000 PCM ($1230), although cities like Leeds, Cardiff and Birmingham will come comfortably within this for most.

The UK also offers free healthcare for residents thanks to the NHS. Monthly bills are likely to be under £1000, which includes local taxes (council tax), phone/internet, food and utilities.

As a remote worker in the UK, you should hope to be making at least £1700 ($2000) per month.

In addition to this, you will find plenty of business services for relatively affordable prices. For example hiring an accountant or a co-working space will set you back between £100-150 per month.

The UK is perfect for working remotely

To start, the UK is a fantastic place to work remotely. It has a good infrastructure for working remotely, including an excellent internet infrastructure and education system. Furthermore, there are plenty of incentives for both companies and individuals who choose to work from their homes in the UK.

From most cities in the UK you also have great access to Europe, with low cost airlines delivering you to major cities like Paris, Rome and Barcelona for prices as low as $10 each way. (Yes, really!)

The UK is home to some of the best universities in Europe and indeed the world, meaning that if you do not have an existing degree then you can still benefit from studying online at some of these institutions. This will allow you to gain all of the skills necessary for finding work remotely – even if it’s not located anywhere near where you live now!

So if you’re looking for a place to live and work remotely, check out the UK.

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