Save on Taxes, Protect Assets, and Secure Your Retirement

Are you tired of overpaying in taxes and worried about losing money in your retirement account? Look no further! Milton Brown is here to help small business owners, pre-retirees, and retirees plan for retirement using non-traditional financial strategies. This article will explore Milton Brown’s approach to saving on taxes, protecting assets, and securing retirement. Get ready to learn some valuable insights and take control of your financial future!

Understanding the Tax Code: Your Friend, Not Foe

Many people view the IRS tax code as a daunting and complex system that burdens individuals with excessive taxes. However, Milton Brown believes the tax code can be your friend. He explains that the tax code is written to favor corporations, and by understanding its intricacies, individuals can legally minimize their tax liabilities. You can significantly reduce your tax burden by maximizing the tax code’s benefits, just like large corporations and successful entrepreneurs do.

Unveiling the United States as a Corporation

Milton Brown sheds light on an intriguing concept: the United States of America is a corporation. The reorganization act of 1871 transformed the United States into a corporation, bringing several benefits and flexibilities that corporations enjoy. This corporate structure is why the IRS tax code is written to benefit corporations. While other countries may not follow the same model, Milton Brown firmly believes in the corporate nature of the United States.

The Secret Sauce: Alternative Financial Strategies

In a world where everyone seeks secrets to success, Milton Brown emphasizes that discipline and the right information are the real keys. His secret sauce lies in providing alternative financial strategies that deviate from traditional methods employed by financial institutions. Milton Brown’s strategies focus on legally minimizing taxes, securing assets, and ensuring a tax-free retirement.

Minimizing Taxes and Maximizing Deductions

One of Milton Brown’s primary goals is to help individuals minimize their tax obligations through legal means. He educates his clients on deductions and tax breaks, such as deducting cell phone bills and portions of their homes. Individuals can take advantage of tax write-offs and significantly reduce their tax liabilities by properly structuring their affairs.

Protecting Your Assets: Own Nothing, Control Everything

Milton Brown introduces the concept of “own nothing, control everything” as an effective strategy to protect your assets. Through the use of trusts, he demonstrates how clients can maintain control over their assets while safeguarding them from potential lawsuits. This approach ensures that even if someone attempts to sue you, they cannot access your assets. By implementing this strategy, individuals can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing their hard-earned wealth is shielded and secure. Milton’s expertise in asset protection empowers clients to take proactive steps in safeguarding their financial well-being. With his guidance, individuals can navigate the complexities of asset protection and gain control over their financial future. By utilizing the “own nothing, control everything” approach, clients can establish a robust framework to protect their assets for generations to come.


Working with Milton Brown offers a unique opportunity to save on taxes, protect assets, and secure retirement. By implementing non-traditional financial strategies backed by the IRS tax code, you can legally minimize your tax liabilities and enjoy a tax-free retirement. Milton Brown’s expertise and proven track record provide the confidence and social proof needed to trust him with your financial future. Don’t wait any longer; take the first step toward financial security by working with Milton Brown today!

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