Roman numerals date format: obsolete or trending in 2020

There are advancements and changes in various representations of information including date formats. The Roman format is being used for a very long span of time. From the ancient times when Monarchs started ruling, it was used to mention their names.

A related example is King Arthur IV. It is a date format that carries immense cultural heritage with it. It is also used in the titles of movie credits. A lot of people have the opinion that this format would become completely obsolete in the year 2020. However, this perception is not truthful in any manner. In the year 2020, this format of date would be used for various key purposes.

Meeting minutes and Emails

Meetings are conducted on daily basis in companies. Departments have internal meetings and stake holders also hold these sessions to for various business related purposes. With so many emails and other forms of correspondences being done on daily basis, it becomes quite hard to keep track.

However, a lot of companies keep a record according to the date on which they are sent. The format of the date is Roman in a lot of cases. It is obvious that reputed companies would not change this format as it is being followed for a long time.

Professional announcements

This is another corporate purpose for which the Roman format is used on a global scale. Several announcements are made in an organization on day to day basis in multiple departments. For instance, the finance department would announce a change in salary credit format.

A lot of reputed companies use the Roman format for this purpose. In addition to that, this practice is being used for a long time. Thus, in the year 2020, there are no chances of the date format being obsolete. It is almost impossible for companies to change trends that have been used for a long span of time.

Olympiads and other similar events

Olympiads have a historical existence and representations related to it are not changed in a lot of situations. For instance, the date format of these events is mostly in Roman format. As this trend has been followed for decades, it would be followed in the year 2020 as well. In other words, this is another purpose for which the Roman format would be used. This events have a cultural existence followed globally so in most cases, changes connected to announcements are not made and date format is one of them.

What are conversion methods for date format?

If there are multiple methods to achieve a goal, one of them would be easier than the others. Let us have a look at two methods of converting the normal date format to the Roman one.

Converting day, month and year individually

There are some mandatory requirements if you are using this method. First of all, you should have basic knowledge about Roman numbers and date formats. Simply knowing that the numerical 5 is represented as “V” in Roman is not sufficient. Here how you can use this method. Let us consider a conversion example.

The date (22 / 4 / 2005) has to be converted to the Roman format.

  • The first component of this date is the day. In this case, it is “22”. In Roman numbers, this would be written as XXII.
  • The second component is the month. In this case, it is April which is represented by the number “4”. The digit “4” is written as IV in Roman
  • The third component is the year. In this case, it is 2005. If this number is converted to Roman, it would be written as MMV.

Once you have individually converted all the three components, combine them to get the complete date in Roman format. In this case, it would be XXII-IV-MMV

A lengthy process to complete

When you are required to spend a long span on completing a task, a person can get frustrated easily. This is a very lengthy procedure because a person has to convert each component of the date separately. After that, all the parts have to be combined. Thus, in terms of time efficiency, it is definitely not the best alternative. This is because when you are spending so much time on something, there are high chances of making errors. In other words, a better alternative should be chosen if you don’t want to end up with mistakes.

Previous knowledge of Roman date formats is needed

This conversion cannot be completed if you lack knowledge of Roman numbers and dates. A lot of users do not have sufficient knowledge so when they are involved in the conversion process, problems are faced.  In a nutshell, this format cannot be selected if you lack the required level of information.

The Roman numeral Date Converter

As compared to the first option, using this tool is much easier and more compatible. Here is why you should select this alternative.

100% efficiency is assured

A calculator does not make mistakes of any kind if it does not have technical problems. If you are using a dependable tool for converting dates to the Roman format, do not get worried about making errors. These tools produce the correct converted dates according to the input entered. The only thing you have to be careful about is entering the correct inputs. Using a dependable Roman Numerals software means performing the conversion in a stress free manner.

Summing it up

It is a hassle to convert dates from the normal form to the Roman one without using a tool. In case of multiple conversions, the situation becomes even more challenging. This is because the user has less time to complete the task. The use of a Roman Numerals date converter is a faster and more efficient alternative in this relation. There is no need to sit for hours and convert the date. A much quicker output is produced by this tool.

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