The Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

Each budding entrepreneur has something unique to offer, but there are some qualities that all people share who want to succeed in starting their own business. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, the first thing you need is motivation and passion.

Three signs that you have the passion required are you don’t get bored with the subject, you continually want to improve on your product or idea, and you really enjoy what you’re doing.


Some advisors say entrepreneurs need relentless drive, ambition and, hunger for success. Other successful business owners say you can get results without working 70-hour weeks and sacrificing your lifestyle.

True, driven people may gain greater financial success, but if it is at the cost of their marriage and family, it may not have been worth it.

Risk Tolerance

The main risk is to begin your business from scratch almost every day and be OK with it. You may have to give up the life of a secure paycheck and move into the unknown with confidence.

You need your own motivation to be able to do this. Outside encouragement is good, but won’t be enough to see it through.

Good planning will help you, and a good business plan will be essential if you are looking for funding. Even if you’re not looking for outside funding immediately, following a business-plan template will help you get organized, see what is required in sequence and set goals for the next year, five years and even ten years.

Money Management

You need to be confident that you can handle money including cash flow and investments. If you have limited capital, you need to spend it wisely.

You’ll require a plan to handle your present as well as your future financial obligations. You may have all the funding you need and are ready to go fully operational to be successful, but you need to keep control of your cash flow.

Money management includes your income from clients and the money you spend on inventory, wages and other operating expenses.

Some Common Entrepreneurial Qualities

• Confidence about their abilities and skills
• Looking for new innovations and ideas and being able to reinvent themselves
• Being able to adopt change and not remain stubborn
• An open mind for new ideas, services and technologies
• No fear of competition
• Ability to accept criticism


You need to get your product or service in the eye of the public. In doing this you need to be aware of your image and always project a positive business image even if you are working out of your kitchen.

You also need to offer excellent customer service. Consumers may forgive any mistake if you contact them, read their feedback and make sure that they aware you are taking care of them.

If you are thinking about starting your own business, you can ask yourself a few questions that may help you take the first step, or not.

Do you have something you believe in or love so much that you will never get tired of working towards it every day even during times when you fail?

Are you ready to take the responsibility for success or failure on your shoulders? If you answered NO to any of these questions, it may be wise for you to stick with your day job.

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