How To Make Money With Instagram Without Investing A Dime

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram; All social platforms we cannot live without today. With all new features, the possibilities are infinite. We are increasingly sharing more and more different channels. In recent years, a occupations are born: social media influencers. You can make money with Instagram and other social media platforms. The concept of influencers is more and more common. Become an influencer and you can earn money with social media!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo application that allows you to create and edit photos as well. You have your own Instagram page where all your photos are stored and ‘exhibited’. Join friends and family, as well as other people around the world to see their pictures. You will see them autmaticly in your timeline. Besides being able to follow others you can also BE followed, and that’s where you can earn money.

With more than 600 million users per month is Instagram one of the most popular social networks in the world. This means there are hundreds of million people waiting for you to share your story. Your story can make you a fortune.

It’s all about the money

You do not necessarily have to be a celebrity to make money with Instagram. Of course, it’s easy if you are a celebrity because you probably already have a lot of followers.

If you’re not a celebrity, make sure you get noticed. Show who you are and what you want! It can be difficult to be distinctive. There are so many great accounts that deliver unique content.

But if you know a niche, you have a good chance you could succeed.

It’s about followers, so it’s important to do something not everybody else is doing. Why do people just want to follow you and not the other? What do you offer? What do you show? Find your niche!

Example: There are many accounts with beautiful travel photos. You do not get this impression by marking your photos or by standing on the image yourself, but to find something that differentiates you. For example, think of the couple that placed the now-known #FollowMeTo series.

Or … Jack Morris

Jack Morris has never completed his studies. For several years he made carpets clean as a profession. In 2012 he decided that it was enough. He started a world trip with just a backpack and a blog, Do You Travel. A year ago, he met Lauren Bullen, an Australian 24-year-old beauty in Fiji.

In October of the same year he bought a house in Bali, where he now lives together with Lauren Bullen and from whom where they have already visited more than 20 countries. They earn money through their blogs, but mostly through their photos on Instagram. If they can make money with Instagram, so can you.

Jack Morris already has over 2 million followers at Instagram. Lauren Bullen herself has 1.4 million followers. Instagram is therefore a true gold mine for both. A picture will raise at least $ 3,000. The most Lauren received for a photo was $ 7,500, Jack $ 9,000. The couple also did a 3 day trip for a telecom company, 2 days of film and 5 pictures on Instagram:$ 35,000.

How to distinguish yourself at Instagram

You can also distinguish yourself by choosing a particular style. For example, show luxury travel photos, or go for Local Travel Photos where you go for pictures of the population etc. This is the same as for fashion accounts. There are so many accounts that you need to do something to address. Also choose a theme, handle a style or make certain items come back.

Create a connection with your Instagram followers

Socialize on Instagram. It’s a social network.

Follow accounts that inspire you or treat the same topics. Post comments or questions below posts to increase your visibility. Do not do this 20x a day. You want other accounts to follow you back and not ignore you because you’re annoying.

Also, respond to the comments people place under your own posts. That’s what people like.

Provide interaction, by asking a question or telling a nice story. You can write a piece of text in the caption of your image. For example, tell your followers why you made this photo, where it was created, or tell an anecdote that fits the image. Engage your followers with your post. This way you increase the interaction (likes, comments) and appear faster in your followers’ timeline.

Make sure people see your name and meet you. Create brand awareness. Leave comments, so you will be attracted to the audience you like to attract. Do not overdo this, you do not want people to find you annoying. Be social, make friends.

The photos

The quality of your photos is also becoming increasingly important. Not only in sharpness but also in professionalism. Consider shooting from the right angle and with the right exposure. The editing of the picture is also important. You’ll soon see if anyone uses the default Instagram filters or has really started working with other editing apps or programs. Make sure that you do not use too many different effects and filters on your grid. Choose up to one or two, so make sure all your photos match.

On Instagram, you can add tags and hash tags, make use of it. It does not make sense to place 30+ hashtags, it’s about using the right tags. Take accounts that inspire you and think that the audience they have is also right for you.

Instagram algorithm

Consistancy is key to Instagram. Especially in the beginning, if you are busy building a loyal backbone, it’s important that you do something online every day. Plan for example 1 day a week on which you shoot all your photos. Planning is important. This way you can work structured and have more rest in your mind because you do not have to make and edit a picture for Instagram daily.

Last year, Instagram introduced a new algorithm, which means that posts do not appear chronologically more in timelines, so your followers may not see all your messages. They see the messages in their timeline of the accounts where they interact most. In order to be seen and attacked by your followers, it is best to place a couple of hours in the Instagram three times a day. When you do not get 3x a day, make sure you place a minimum of 1x a day. When you get 3x a day, make sure you do not place to much.

Before the changing algorithm, you needed followers to earn money, now the reactions and likes have become more important. You now have a lot more to an account with a few thousand followers where the engagement is high than an account with 10,000 followers and zero engagement. So do not put money in buying followers, but spend time socializing with your followers, they will make money with instagram for you.

How to make money with sponsors on Instagram

Have you created a nice account and are you happy with the number of followers, likes, and comments? Then you can make money with Instagram now.

Being approached by companies

Companies can approach you to promote certain products and services for them. You can also approach these companies yourself. How many followers, likes, and comments on your posts you need for it depends on several factors. Think about the subject of your account or the number of likes compared to the number of followers you have. Assume that a few thousand followers will help to make it easier for a sponsor to join.

Make sure companies can approach you for a deal. Instagram gives you the space to tell something about yourself or your account in your profile (bio). This is also the only option Instagram offers you to refer to a website if you have one. Do not forget to put your contact information down here.

If you are approached, you can expect both a fee in the form of money or goods. The more followers, likes and reactions you have, the more often you get your money as a fee and you can ask for higher amounts.

Approaching businesses themselves

If you are not approached by companies, but if you have a faithful backdrop on Instagram, you can always choose to contact companies themselves. Keep in mind that it’s important that the company actually fits your account and followers, otherwise the interaction with your sponsored mail will be low. Also, make sure that your followers often match or respond to your posts. For example, you can propose a company to promote their product in return for $ 0.25 per match and $ 1 per response. There are no rules about the amounts you can ask for. It all depends on your number of followers, likes and reactions. Negotiate!

Make sure not every message you post is sponsored. And make sure you’re behind your sponsored message. You do not want to tell your followers no nonsense or muddle bad products. If you do this, this may be at the expense of your number of followers and likes. So keep your followers in mind when you close a sponsorship deal. In addition, be transparent and say when a message is sponsored.

How do you earn money with your Instagram pictures?

Do you make the most beautiful pictures of good quality? These can also be sold on stock photo websites. Your photos can then be used by companies for example. Take a look at websites like Twenty20, Mobile Prints or Foab for the possibilities.

How do you earn money with affiliate marketing on Instagram?

Affiliate Marketing gives you a fee for promoting products or services for businesses. By signing in to an affiliate network you will get access to affiliate links (Daisycon). An affiliate network is, as it were, an intermediary and ensures that you get paid when someone clicks your link. This link places you in Instagram on your bio. I advise you to use the Bitly to make the link a shortened URL so that your link does not look spammy.

Example: You have an Instagram account about yoga. You can then put a photo with a yogamat that you use and you are very satisfied with. In the description you describe the benefits of this mat and say that the link to buy it in your bio is. The affiliate link places you in your bio, which people can click on. You will then receive a fee for anyone who buys a yogamat via your link.

Importantly, you do not place affiliate links continuously because your followers do not like this. Also place an affiliate link only if you are completely behind the product. You do not want to sell your loyal follower, whatever you would not buy. Then you lose guaranteed followers.

How do you earn money from your website, products or services at Instagram?

If you have a good Instagram account, you can also choose to market your own products or to link a blog to your Instagram account. You can also promote your own website through Instagram.

Example 1: You have an Instagram account about science fiction books. On your website you can publish a blog about your favorite books. Then you place an image of yourself on Instagram on which you are reading a book. In the description you say you have made a list of your favorite books and you would like to share this with your followers. Tell them that they can click on your link in your bio to read your blog. This way they will be on your website. For example, in the article on your website you can find affiliate links that people can click on, making you money.

Example 2: You are a personal trainer and you have an Instagram account about fitness. You put a picture of your sixpack with the text below: Do you want a sixpack? I can help you with my training schedule. Click on the link in my bio to make an appointment / for the video training (just what you want).

You can ask your followers to click on the link in your bio to read a particular article, to purchase your product / service, or to subscribe to your newsletter. Do not promote your own products or website time after time. Your followers do not want to be thrown into it, believe me.

Creating a well-running Instagram account to earn money takes time and energy, but it is certainly not impossible.

In summary: Make money with Instagram in 5 steps

How are you successful at Instagram? If you are prepared to put time and energy in your account then there are enough opportunities to earn money.

  1. Get followers and get interaction

To attract advertisers, you will need to have sufficient loyal followers.

  • Make your profile current
  • Post regularly
  • Good pictures
  • Use the good hashtags
  • Interact
  1. Become an ambassador of a brand or organization

If you notice Instagram and have a large number of followers, then companies are interested in seeing you as a representative of their brand. It can be about products, clothes, travel, food and thousands of other things.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Instagram is also very suitable for affiliate marketing. You promote products or services and pay per sale a percentage or amount. For this you make messages inspired by the product. In addition, you choose quality images that accurately depict the product. You can add or embed the affiliate link to your profile in your posting.

  1. Sell your photos

If you are a good photographer, you can sell your photos profitable. There are a number of other ways you can also sell your photos profitable. Instagram is also a great way to get attention to your photos. Always add a watermark so it’s clear that you’re the creator.

  1. Promote your business, products or services

To bring your products and services to the attention of you, use a number of different ways to engage and bind people. Encourage your customers to share photos of your product on Instagram and put the original images on your account.


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