6 Super Cool Ways To Make Money From Youtube By Uploading Videos

Youtube is one of the best and fastest way to make money online and this can be achieve by simply uploading your favorite videos online. You can analyze the power of youtube by just reading it’s mind boggling stats.

Youtube gets more than 1 billion views and videos of 6 billion of hours are watched by its users every month. Because of these stats, companies use the YouTube video platform a better way to launch their services and products in-front of billions of people around the globe. As a regular guy, you can earn thousands of dollars from YouTube because of the fact that a big market of hunger buyers is constantly searching for information on this video search engine.

Making money online is a dream of every internet user and youtube can fulfill this dream for you, once you know how to exploit this money machine.

I also use youtube videos to increase the traffic and sales of my websites. In this post, I would present some killer strategies that can increase your bank balance and give you the freedom to do whatever you want to do in your life.

What Are The Things You Need To Make Money From Youtube?

There is nothing you need more than these 3 below mentioned things:

A high speed internet connection
A computer
Creativity (Video)

Top 6 Methods to Make Money On Yotube

Google Adsense
Affiliate Products
CPA Offers
By Selling Services (Fivver)
Selling Your Account
Selling Paid Links

Google Adsense

As you may know that Adsense is a google advertising program that pays publishers in return of serving the ads. If you already don’t have an account on google adsense then one for you from here.

Before applying, you should have a website so that you could insert the ad code on it. If you don’t have a website the don’t worry you can still apply for adsense by using Yotube Adsense Partnership Program directly from your youtube account.

Don’t Apply For Google Adsense Until…?

There are some tips that will increase your chances to get approved by adsense. I would also recommend you to apply only if you know that your account has reached certain qualities.

  • Account Age – Only apply for adsense once you have an account age between 15 to 30 days.
  • Videos Quantity – You have atleast 10 videos on your youtube channel. (the more the better)
  • Videos Quality – Always upload original videos because Adsense doesn’t like duplicate content.
  • Consistent Traffic – Once you have all above mentioned things but you don’t have traffic then there is no reason for an Adsense team to get you approved. Because they like people who comes to their door with some decent traffic. Once you got thousands of visitors on your videos then you are good to go.

Selling Products

You can use YouTube videos to turn out your visitors into buyers and get sales. Affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies that anyone can use to earn solid commissions.

Even though, YouTube doesn’t like promotional stuff but if you do it the right way then nobody can ever stop you for making a good living from it. Let say you have a product to promote then you can market it on youtube in the following way:

Create a Video Review For Product

Let say, you are promoting xyz product then you can make a video review about that product. In this video, you can talk about product features, functionality, demography, pros and cons and from where you can get this product.

Tell people about its price and whether it is offering a bonus or not. Just do an honest review. Don’t act like a sales person, it’s not your job and you are just a regular guy who is sharing some helpful stuff.

You can put the affiliate links in the video description in the beginning. If you want to increase the conversion rate then shorten your affiliate links by using URL shortening services like bit.ly and tinyurl.

Send Traffic To Your Landing Page Or Website

A better strategy is that you make a landing page of the product who you are promoting. On that page, you should capture their name and email addresses by offering some free stuff like an ebook and software. ‘Money lies in the List’, as an internet marketer always remember that saying.

Once they started to subscribe to your site then sending them some free helpful stuff to win their trust and then promote your products to them.

It is a good long term business planning. In the above method, you have a chance of facing ban by yotube because of promoting promotional stuff, but as I say don’t act like a sales person and you will do good. The 2nd method is more reliable because you can promote different products to the same person again and again.

If you want to capture the prospect and add them to your subscriber list then you would need an Email Marketing Service. I personally like two email services Aweber and iContact. They can manage everything for you.

CPA Offers

CPA Offers are also a great way to earn money from YouTube and I have seen various internet marketers who are earning hundreds of dollars by using this method alone. Always choose a CPA Offer that requires visitor to take a survey or just filling out a form because these offers converts well with youtube traffic.

Every step has been same just like the above mentioned method. Good CPA networks are Maxbounty, CPALead, Peerfly, Clickbooth. You can find thousands of CPA Offers on OfferVault website as well.

Offer Services

There are various companies on the internet who are looking for individuals that could upload their videos on their youtube account. If you are a person who are good at youtube marketing and know how to drive traffic to videos then ready yourself to earn some good money.

Fever is a great micro job website that provides you to earn $5 by offering your services to those people who are looking for employees. Let say, I have a twitter account with 300k active followers then I can get benefit from it. I would offer my services to fivver like this: “I can tweet your messages to my active community of 300k of hunger buyers in $5″.

Let simply calculate, if you take 20 orders a day the you will make $100 at the end of the day an $3000 in a month. I think this is not bad at all and you can scale it. Similarly, you can offer your youtube marketing services to them in $5.

Selling Accounts

I have seen people who sell their youtube accounts when they have millions of views on their videos and thousands of active subscribers that follows account holder activities.

Once you have an account like that then you can easily find buyers on internet marketing forums like digital point, warrior forum, blackhat forum etc.

Selling Paid Links

Make money opportunities are endless and doors are always open, you just have to learn the art of entering on these money making doors. Most of the times, when you have an account with hundreds of videos, millions of views and thousands of subscribers then people contact you to demand for a paid link.

But if they don’t contact you then why not you approach them. Let say, I have a video on ‘how to lose weight in 30 days’ and I have already got millions of view on it and traffic is coming consistently then you can easily look for ‘loose weight training program’ and make a deal with them by offering video stats of your particular video. Most of the time, if they found that you are a legitimate person then they will accept your offer.

Final Thoughts

There are countless ways to make money from youtube that can change your lifestyle. Always be smart and creative at the time when you are offering your services to people.

Always think outside of the box and try to find a balance between quality and quantity. You can literally upload hundreds of videos a day but if they don’t have any useful material in it then it is garbage.

Try to upload quality videos and create more than 1 account so that if 1 account is deleted for some reason; you have another source of income.

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