Top 7 Ways To Make Money Online From Your Blog Like A Pro

The internet world is filled with so much possibilities of making money from the comfort of your home. The internet is filled with so much than making money, you can use it to download and watch music and videos.

You can also use the internet for shopping purposes or to establish social status with our friends and families. In reality, the domain of an online world is limitless and now you have access to go beyond the boundaries of countries.

By keeping in mind, its power and reach; people started thinking to build a business online. Now, making money from your online business is a hot trend around the world.

Thousand of start-up companies are establishing their businesses online every year to promote their products and services at bigger markets.

I myself, make money online free by using various ways for about 5+ years now. Literally, there are hundreds of ways to build a business online and make money from it and the great thing is that you only need a working computer and a reasonably fast internet connection.

A simple question that every starter has in their mind is…. How much can I earn? There is a saying “If you can earn $1 on the internet then you can earn $1 million also”.

It’s all depend on you that how much effort you put into your business. This article is for all of those folks, who know how to make a website; but don’t know how to monetize it to earn handsome income.

Best Ways To Make Money Online From Your Blog – Ready To Quit Your Day Job

All the earning methods that I would love to mention in a moment needs a proper working website. In order to make money, we do need a functional website so that by using different monetizing strategies; we could earn a handsome living from it. Monetizing strategies include:

Third Party Advertisement Networks
Affiliate Marketing (Product Selling)
Private Advertising
Paid Content
Offer Services
Paid Memberships
Selling Your Own Products

Third Party Advertisement Networks

Do you own a website that gets thousand of page views per month then why not you try some powerful third party advertising network. There are numerous advertising companies that offer you money,once you deploy their ads on your website. It is a very simple and straight forward process, just choose a network and signup for an account there. In your account, you can easily generate ads codes and banners. After that, you just have to put those codes on your website and once a visitor click on these ads; you will get paid.

These networks work like Cost Per Click (CPC) model that means you will earn money if someone click on your ad. Generally, you earn from a few cents to a few dollars per click. Some networks offer higher click through rate, some reasonable and some quite low.

Some of the most prominent ad networks are:

Google Adsense (World Best)
Google Adsense

If you really ask my suggestion then I would advise you to go for Adsense as a proffered ad network. Google Adsense is world#1 advertising company and trusted by millions of online earner around the globe. Why Google Adsense…?

Owned by Internet Giant Google Itself

People have a Trust on Google
CPC rate is high as compare to other networks
Get ads almost on every topic (health,finance,technology, legal works tremendously because of high CPC)
Get Paid Every Month (By check or western union)
Awesome ad analytic panel

You can use other networks with google adsense. If you really want to use another network with google Adsense then go for infolinks. It is not as great as adsense but still reasonable.

Affiliate Marketing (The Art Of Selling Products)

Affiliate Marketing is one of my most favorite monetizing methods on the internet. You can earn millions of dollars by selling other peoples’ stuff. So in a nutshell, what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing means you work as a sales representative and convince people to buy the xyz product. Once, a consumer buys a product by using your recommendation link then you will get specific commission on that product. Sounds easy…. Just look at this example!

I have a website that teaches people ‘how to lose weight’. I write about different exercises and diet from which they can get benefits.

If I have a loyal readership then it is easy for me to convince them to use xyz product to lose weight in a month. Affiliate networks work as a Cost Per Action (CPA) that means you will only earn money; once the action is completed.

On a CPC network, you get the money, once somebody click on your ad regardless of buying a product or not. If you ask me, I will strongly recommend you to focus on affiliate marketing…because it is a gold mine,once you crack it.
Top Affiliate Networks

There are literally numerous affiliate networks in the market and you can choose between them according to your need.

Some of them have physical products and some of have digital products like software, video manuals, ebooks etc. There are also some CPA networks that pay you, if the you fill out the form.

Amazon Associates (World Biggest Affiliate Network)
eBay affiliates
Commission Junction
Clickbank (My Favorite)

All of the above mentioned, I personally in love with clickbank because of it’s high commission rate. You can earn up to 75% commission on clickbank. Most of the products offer commission up to 50% to 75%.

You can only find digital products like software, ebooks, video training, templates etc on the clickbank marketplace. Sales tracking system is great and you get paid by check, direct wire and payoneer. Payment frequency period consists of 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month.

Private Advertising

Private Advertising is an another great way to earn money from your blog. It works on a simple principle, let say your blog topic is lose weight and you are getting half million views per month.

If xyz company who sells loose weight products shows interest in your site and ask you to rent a place where they can place their ad or banner.

We can negotiate the rate by showing them stats that what are hot points where your visitor mostly click things. The more traffic you have then more chances to earn.

Some Cool Tips:

Once, you have a good amount of traffic, roughly more than 100k a month then you should make a page called ‘Advertise on this Website’ to attract companies.

On that page, show them stats, what size of banners or ads are allowed, which places on your website are available and pricing. You should set high price for your hot hitting area.


This is a great place to find valuable prospects to your website. Lots of companies visit buysellads in search of a good marketing agent and your website works as an agent that showcase their products or services in-front of millions of people. Just show them stats, places and pricing and you are good to go.

Paid Content

Paid Content trend is now rising day by day. Lots of high quality websites are giving you the opportunity to show your research, product or service in-front of a million viewers.

For example, I am promoting a xyz product and I already have written a detailed review of that product then i will ask website B to post my review on their website.

Just think that if website B who gets millions of views per day publish your review on their website by having your affiliate link then you can easily earn lots of $$$money from it.

If website B charges $100 for that review and you earn $200 then it will be a profit of $100. Sky is the limit.

Offer Services

Once you have a loyal viewership and your readers start trusting you then offer your services to them is a great way to make money online.

That is why it is said that don’t build websites; build relationships. Let say, I am running a blog on digital designing and i often offer my visitors free psd logos,banners, mockups, patterns and other designing stuff of mine without any cost. So what do you think, they trust me or not?

If I think, people are showing interest in my work as well as the work of others which i am sharing then it is a right moment to offer your designing services.

I have seen various people who are designer by profession and they suddenly start blogging. Once they developed a loyal readership, they started to offer their services to them.

In this way, a web designer or a web developer or a person with whatever skills can get lots of high paying projects. It is better to attach your freelance, odesk or elance profile with your website and if you have already done some projects previously then show them. In this way, you can increase your conversions and credibility.

Paid Memberships

Paid membership sites are those websites where a person becomes a member by paying certain amount. In most cases, you have to pay every month to be remained on system.

I hope most of you have heard the name of ‘Movie Flix’ a famous website where you can watch and download movies of every genre and era. It is a membership site and once you are become their member then you have access to all of their movies library.

In a similar way, you can also set a membership site easily by reading this great article from CopyBlogger:

7 Tips for Creating and Running Your First Membership Site

Let say I am a fitness guru then I simply set a membership where registered members of my website can access all of my fitness videos and reports.

Selling Your Own Products

This is one of the best methods to earn money online and you only need a valuable product and a website. Spencer Haws founder of made a powerful keyword research software “Long Tail Pro” and earn more than 1 million dollars from this tool alone. In reality, you can sell everything to your viewers, once you win their trust. Let say, if you are a good guitar player then you can record guitar lessons and get an audience who are interested to learn guitar. In this way, you can sell your guitar lesson to that target audience.

For example, if you are already successfully running a website in which you share ‘skin care tips’. That means, you already have a target audience and they will buy whatever you recommend. At this point, you should write an ebook where you can share your personal experiences that how can you get a smooth and shining skin, which diet helps or not. If you can not write yourselves then hire a professional writer on odesk or elance and tell him what to write and in which manner. As I already said, the sky is the limit.

In general, you can earn big bucks by using any of the above mentioned methods. Just use your mind, be creative and show honesty and build relationship with your audience. If you have any feedback on this article then please let us know by commenting below. Happy Earning!

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