How to Make Money Online Free In 2020 Without Investing A Dime

How to Make Money Online Free In 2018 Without Investing A Dime

Here is a complete guide on How to Make Money Online.

If you want to make money from home as new bloggers, then you are in the right place. In this post, I will show you sure ways to make money online without investing a single dime! Making money online from the comfort of your home has never been as easy as today. You just need some guidance and perseverance.

Note: There are free ways to earn money online and also some that require a little investment. (probably less than $50 total). The good news about an internet business is that you can start with little to no cash.

Here are the main methods to make money In 2020.

Create A Blog

Guide To Create A Money Making Blog

To make money from home in 2020, you need to have a blog. From your blog you can sell whatever your heart desires.

Here are the steps to creating a blog of your own.

Picking A Topic For Your Blog

The most important step in creating your blog is the first step: choosing a niche. In order to help you select what you should write about, ask yourself these important questions:

  • What is my passion?
  • What can I sell?
  • Can I create content?
  • Is there a market for this?
  • Can I make real money?

If your passion is music, it’s going to be difficult to make money with a music blog. After all, people don’t buy CD’s or even music players. So what can you sell? You have to think about whether there’s an avenue for making money before you start your blog.

So when it comes to picking a niche, pick one that is both profitable and that you enjoy.

Something else to think about is whether you will be creating a blog in a niche that is too competitive.

If you want to help people with their personal finances, creating a general blog about saving money is going to get you nowhere. The big companies like or have you beat. You will never compete with them.

Instead, create a blog with a laser focus on a specific subject. Instead of a general personal finance blog, how about a specialized one helping college students pay off their student loans? Or how about one that is entirely focused on increasing your credit score? The better focus you have on your blog, the better your chances of success.

You would be surprised at how well focusing on a very specific niche works. This site tests and reviews vacuum cleaners. According to, they generate 110,000 organic visitors every month. It doesn’t need to be the most exciting topic in the world for people to still be interested in your content. People search for and read great content even on boring topics.

Think about it, you will have less competition and Google will send traffic to your site for any keyword searches that match your site. After all, on this one specific subject, you are the authority.

Buying A Domain And Hosting

Now that you have your topic selected, it’s time to buy your very own domain name. To choose a domain name for FREE, open this link in a new tab.

Select a hosting plan to host your new domain. My advice if you’re new is to select the $3.95 plan.

From there, choose a domain name that matches the theme of your future blog. You can choose a branded domain name such as as an exact match domain with keywords such as

While one domain name is catchier, the second one would give you increased search engine visibility since your main keywords are already in your domain name.

Building Your Blog

Once you get your domain up and running using BlueHost, it’s time to install WordPress. Not to worry if you’re not technically savvy, BlueHost makes it simple with a one-click install.

Then, choose a theme for your blog (plenty of free options available). While I fully recommend opting for a paid theme, new bloggers should start with a free theme before they invest in their blogs’ design.

Finally you’ll need to fill it up with unique content. Make your content easier to digest by creating headings and many paragraphs. Then enrich your blog posts with images and videos.

How To Monetize Your Blog

Congratulations! You have a working blog filled with unique content. Now it’s time to start earning passive income from it. Three trusted sites to use in monetizing your blog are; Adsense, Amazon, and Clickbank.

However, before you start earning from your website, you need to be ranking for your keyword(s) on Google and have some traffic coming in from social media.

As your blog grows, you might also be approached by companies and brands looking to advertise their products. This could be a sponsored article or just providing a product for review.

At the beginning, it might seem like your blog is going nowhere. After all, you’re working hard but not seeing much results in terms of money coming in. Don’t be discouraged, it happens to everyone and is completely normal.

If you stick with it, after a short while, running your own blog will quickly become worth your time.

Blogging may not be an immediate money maker, but it is a great way to write about something you love and get paid in the process. You can make more and more money in various different ways as the domain authority of your blog grows.

How to monetize a WordPress blog:

Make Money On Social Media

Make Money On Social Media Sites

Do you have an engaging personality and a knack for using social media?

You can leverage your influence on social media and turn your follower count and views into money. Companies are always looking for influencers on social media to increase awareness of their brand.

The ways to make money using social media are endless, you can:

  • You can sell your own products such as an online course or an ebook.
  • You can offer social media management to other bloggers or to small businesses.
  • You can sell a tweet or an Instagram post if you have a large following.
  • You can join the Youtube Partner Program if you generate lots of views.
  • You can promote products and earn commission on each sale.

As you can see, you can make money on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. You just have to get out there and try it.

Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

With affiliate marketing, you are selling someone else’s product. The benefit of this is that you don’t need to create a product of your own.

Often times people have trouble thinking of what they can sell. But on the internet, you don’t need to physically create a product to sell it. Heck, you don’t even need to create a digital product to sell it!

Why not let someone else do all the work of creating and maintaining a product? Then you’ll just sell the product and earn a commission for it.

There are lots of products you can promote, from physical products like the ones on and digital products like the ones on Clickbank.

You can earn on average 4% off every sale on Amazon. The beauty is that you earn 4% off everything the person buys, not just the product you were pushing.

On Clickbank you stand to earn a much higher percentage, up to 75% in some cases. However, digital products can be harder to sell to the masses.

Make Money In 2020 Taking Surveys

Make Money Taking Surveys

Large multi-million dollar corporations need your feedback and suggestions about their products and are willing to pay to get it.

Online survey sites are one of the most effective places to quickly and easily earn money online. They require you to spend a few minutes completing a survey around something that you love and be rewarded in return.

One of the most popular platforms for doing this and likely a name you’ve already heard of in the online survey space is Swag Bucks.

InboxDollars is another similar service that delivers surveys to your email inbox every day.

They send their users regular surveys to complete on the go and in return provide a number of different rewards, including gift cards for your favorite sites.

User Testing

Make Money Testing Websites

For example, User Testing is a platform that allows you to visit a website and provide a quick review of that site. Each test takes around 20 minutes to complete and typically pays between $10 and $15.

If you’ve got a keen eye for detail and you’re more than capable of compiling strong written reviews, website testing could be an easy way to put your skills to use online.

Likewise you’ll find many other websites online that provide easy and effective ways to earn money in return for your time. Whether it’s clicking on adverts, reviewing music or just about anything else, the internet is full of money earning websites.

Become A Freelancer

Becoming A Freelancer

The dream of being self-employed is one that many people have but do very little about. Imagine having no boss and being able to work on your own terms.

Self-starting as a freelancer takes no investment other than your time. However, you need to have a skill that is in demand.

It may be the case that you’re already a writer or web designer and in which case you’ll be able to start selling your skills right away.

There’s plenty of “freelance marketplaces” online. They are all designed with the aim of providing you with a place to sell your services and providing clients with a place to find good quality freelancers. Here’s a list of platforms where you can offer your capabilities:

  • Upwork
  • Topta
  • Freelancer
  • Guru

In general, freelance writers (also programmers and graphic designers) will find it the easiest to find work online. There’re plenty of sites available online that will pay you for each word you write. It may not be a lot at first, but stick with it and it could be a steady income stream.

Sell On eBay

Sell On eBay

We’ve already spoken in detail about selling your services online, but have you considered selling your stuff online? Chances are, you’ve got a lot of stuff lying around the house that you simply don’t need or want any more. Spend some time going through this stuff and find some items that you’d be happy to part with.

If you’ve got some belongings to part with, there’s a number of sites available online that allow you to sell your stuff. The best site for doing this and one that you’ve likely already heard of is eBay.

eBay is the original online marketplace and still the best platform we’d recommend for selling your stuff, no matter what it is.

For larger or heavier items, you can list them on Craigslist instead for local pickup.

Make Money On Etsy

Sell Digital Goods On Etsy

If you enjoy arts and crafts and you’re generally good at making things, it’s also worth considering that you could sell what you make. Etsy is the online marketplace for selling homemade items and many users of the site have made a good deal of money from it.

When it comes to selling on Etsy, there’s no hard and fast rule as to what you can make and sell. This means that you can let your creative juices flow and make money from doing what you love, while spreading that joy to others too.

Believe it or not, you can actually even sell digital-only items you created on Etsy as well. Think printables, business card templates, party invitation designs and fonts.

Make Money From Your E-Mail List

Create Email Newsletter On Mailchimp

Once you have your blog set up the next step is to sign up on MailChimp to create an email newsletter. Your mailing list, not your blog, could end up being your number one source of revenue.

Set up an email optin form on the homepage of your blog so your visitors can subscribe to your newsletter. Even if you don’t have a newsletter, there’s no better time than the present to start collecting email addresses.

Once you’re ready, you can begin emailing your list and begin building trust.

Soft Sell Your List

Never over-sell on your email list. The goal is to create a relationship and build trust along the way. But whatever you do, don’t turn into a salesperson pushing products to your email list.

Think of this example, do you like salespeople knocking on your door? Or perhaps phoning you up? Probably not. I know I don’t.

If you want to make money from email lists then your way of thinking needs to be along the lines of the person slamming the phone down, how would you like to be sold a product or service?

The soft sell works much better.

Ask your audience what problems they have. Then, create a solution for them. It can be a course, an ebook, or even a product that you earn a commission for. But you must first discuss the problem and offer advice on dealing with it first. Once you have them engaged, then you can offer a solution to the problem.

Use Auto Responders

When you first set up your email list, make sure that create a detailed sequence of auto-responders. These emails will be a set number of emails that your new subscribers will receive from you. For example, a welcome email followed by some great advice over several more emails.

It is then important to keep this kind of approach up, you need to be emailing your list once a week. Anything less than that and they will forget who you are. Anything more than that and you’ll be too aggressive.

When Do You Start Selling?

So when do you sell? Honestly, it really does need to be as little as often and only when you have a really great offer to provide to your email list.

Some examples of when to sell would be when you have a new book for sale on Amazon and then offer the book at a discounted rate as an exclusive to your subscribers or when you have a discount code for a course that you are offering.

Selling on an infrequent basis but with enough of an offer to make people click and make a purchase is the only way you can make money from your email lists,  but operate on the theory that less is more.

Teach A Course On Udemy

Make Money Teaching On Udemy

Udemy is an online learning marketplace where you can find educational courses on all kinds of subjects. From photography to Yoga to website design, you can find a course for everything on Udemy.

Each course is taught by an expert instructor who has created the course. Udemy hosts the courses created by thousands of instructors from the world over. The website does not charge anything for hosting the course. This means that you can host as many courses as you want on Udemy without having to pay a single cent. The price of your course can range from $10 to $50.

Since hosting courses on Udemy does not cost anything, a person with expertise in any field can opt to create a course and host it on this website. Students interested in your course will then enroll themselves for your course on Udemy after paying the fee of the course.

Udemy has a revenue system which dictates that if the students enroll using instructor coupons, the instructor gets to keep 97% of the revenue share. However, if the students enroll without using the instructor coupons then the website gets 50% of the revenue while the remaining 50% goes to the instructor. So, the more students you are able to attract, the more money you stand to make.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Make Money From Home As A Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant; that is a question many people have been asking ever since the dawn of the digital era. I have received many emails asking how I do it and if a level of income similar to mine can ever be achieved, and let me tell you, it can be done.

You can find a lot of websites advertising virtual assistant positions. Some are gems in the making. They offer honest work for your salary. Even if it’s not able to support you fully, it definitely helps close gaps in your budget.

How much should you charge?

This is the most important piece of advice I can offer you as it pertains to becoming a virtual assistant: do not sell yourself short. You do not have to compete with the bottom feeders who price themselves so low.

I know there are people in other countries who are willing to do the work for less. But you are worth more than that and you know it. The only thing is that you need to show and prove to others that you’re worth your high rate.

The only way you do that is by having a great profile on all the platforms where you advertise your services and then having good reviews.

The best places to offer your services as a virtual assistant are:

  • Upwork
  • People Per Hour
  • Fiverr

So there you have it, the top ways to make money online for free in 2020. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section and good luck!

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  1. If you are looking to go with the website creation…. Here is what I will do if am in your shoes.
    1. Find a profitable keyword that will be easy to rank.
    2. Buy domain/Hosting. Set up the site properly.
    3. Start adding informational articles and product reviews content.
    4. Keep adding fresh content for three months.
    5. SEO – Build backlinks to the site.
    6. Monetize the site with adsense or amazon.
    7. Profit.

    8. Repeat.

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  3. Well for me online teaching has been the most successful method to earn money online. I was able to earn more from online teaching than my whole physical teaching career.

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    1. First of all, you need paid hosting from Bluehost in order to get your own domain name.

      After that, you need to be posting regular updates and grow your audience in order to eventually sell them something.

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