How To Turn Your Car Into A Mobile Office When You’re Tired

working on the road

In today’s society, it seems like almost everyone is working on the move. Whether you’re a San Francisco lemon lawsuits attorney, a busy freelance designer, or something else in between, you’ve probably got plenty to do and places to be nearly constantly.

This poses a challenge, of course, during those long stretches out on the road. The answer, if you’ve got the know-how, is transforming your vehicle into your very own mobile command center. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, keep reading, and we’ll lay out some of the basic points on how you can pull this off and start getting stuff done from the car itself!

The Principles Of Working On The Road

If you’re gonna be working on the road, there are a few essentials you have to have in order to stay plugged in and capable. Chief among these is an internet connection, as it’s the way you’ll be doing most of your business and communicating with your clients, employees, etc.

Now, you might already have a piece of gadgetry capable of providing some basic internet for you: your smartphone. Just turn on that portable hotspot setting, and you’ll have transformed your phone into a rudimentary wi-fi router that can give your laptop and other hardware access to the internet. Using your phone is only going to provide you with so much data, however, so if you’re planning on transmitting a lot of info while you’re in transit, you might want to consider booster and secondary connections to help keep you plugged in (more on that later).

In addition to the internet, you’re also going to need a reliable power source for all your devices. Your vehicle and its battery can provide, but you’ve got to have a way to access all that sweet, sweet electricity—a robust car charger with USB ports and assorted connections.

This needs to be more capable than your run-of-the-mill, travel charger that you might use for your phone. You might even go as far as to grab yourself a power inverter that can provide continuous DC-to-AC power, and a convenient place to plug in for your laptop, phone, tablet, and whatever other devices you might need for getting the job done. Speaking of which…

The Gear You Need To Get The Job Done

Now that you understand the two primary bits of tech you’ll need to work effectively on the road, let’s talk about some specific gear choices that will help mold your vehicle into a true mobile workspace. Far and away, one of the most important pieces of gear for your arsenal is going to be a comfortable desk unit. This will allow you to keep your computer off your lap and in a more suitable working location. It should also provide enough stability to rest other items you might need—like pens or paper—within arm’s reach and ready to be useful.

Beyond that, though, consider how other complementary bits of gear might fit with your job and setup—phone mounts, trunk organizers, seat organizers—they might all have some role to play in transforming your car into that complete mobile workspace you’ve been after.

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