How To Start A Blog – A Complete Guide To Setting Up A Blog

How To Start A Blog - A Complete Guide To Setting Up A Blog

Do you want to start a website/blog? Here I want to present you with my full guide on how to start a blog. Before we get to the tutorial, I need to ask this question, why do you want to start a blog?

Perhaps you’re looking to blog for fun, or you have read about making money online with blogging so you want to build an online business, why ever you want to start a blog, this guide will help you with the basic steps on how to begin and if you follow it to the last, your site will be on within 48 hours.

How to Start a Blog

Picking a Niche

Before you go on starting a blogsite, you need to know what your plans are, you need to know what topic/keyword/niche you want to write on, if you just want to start a personal website, where you can write on topics in your interest, then it will be a piece of cake to get started.

On the other hand, if you want to build an online business that will earn extra money every other month, then you need to take out time to do your research.

But before we go into all that, you need to conduct PROPER KEYWORD RESEARCH, this will help you to get keywords that are easy to write on, and also you can rank in the top 10 within a few weeks or months.

If the whole keyword researching is confusing to you, there are services that offer keywords research and it cost about $100+ for a package. (A package contain the primary keyword plus other secondary keywords)

While this will help you get started within minutes, I also recommend you to do keyword research yourself in the future, one of the best keyword research tool is the LongTail Pro, it is affordable (Just $99) and it is a one times’ payment unless you want to sub. for the premium version and it cost just $17 per month.

How to know a good keyword:

A good keyword is easy to rank, it is a money keyword and should have more than 1,000 monthly search.

Optimizing your Site for Google Search Engine

The next step is to make your site search engine optimized to rank on the top page of google. This is where all the money is L This topic will be treated properly in the next post, if you pick the right keyword, you need just a few backlinks to rank for your keyword(s)

Choosing Domain Name for Your New Site

When picking a domain name, a lot of people have different options, but for me, I would go with brand-able name if am looking to build an authority website, and if not, I will go for Exact Match Domain, (EMD) if available, if not I will go with Partial-EMD

If you want to build a brand around your name, or if it is your personal site, then you can use your first and last name as your domain name. (i.e., org, .net etc)

If you are building a site around your business/product or company, then you can use your business name/company name as the domain.

If you are building an authority niche site then you can still use a brand-able domain name, as it will be easy for your visitors to remember, and like I said above, it will help you to rank for a very long time.

Choosing A Web Host

I always say this to my friends, your hosting is your friend, if you do not choose a good webhosting, you are going to suffer a lot of downtime that will affect your site negatively. And you can lose a lot of money when your site is down always.

Here is Why I Recommend BlueHost Webhosting

  1. It is Cheap and Affordable to all
  2. Very Reliable and Trusted Hosts for Million of sites for years now
  3. Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth
  4. Free Domain Name When You Purchase Hosting Plan
  5. Best Customer Support 24/7
  6. Host Unlimited Domains.

Installing WordPress CMS

I assume you have purchase your domain and hosting and they are all set up? Good J, it is time to install wordpress on your blog.

There are different types of Content Management System, (CMS), but I recommend WordPress for Beginners as it allows you to build professional websites within minutes, it comes with free wordpress themes and plugins, and you can just click a button and you are ready to start blogging.

If you go with BlueHost, then you can easily install wordpress by watching the video below. It shows you step by step on how to install wordpress on bluehost webhosting. Please take note of the USERNAME AND PASSWORD. You can write it down, and it is case sensitive.

Accessing your WordPress Dashboard

To login to your wordpress (WP. Admin) dashboard, you can follow the link below;”

However, some can be

(You can know the login format for your domain after installing wordpress. And all the theme has the login link on the website homepage.)

When the page loads up, you need to enter your USERNAME & PASSWORD you used when installing your wordpress!

Install WordPress Theme

There are free wordpress theme for you to use, but free themes normally have limited functionality and are sometimes not friendly to customized. But if you want your site to stand out from other million of sites using the free available themes, then you can opt for the premium theme, it comes highly recommended. It is SEO optimized and the developers are ready to customize it just for you.

Premium themes have a higher quality design, better SEO optimization and has different options to chose from.

After selecting your preferred theme, you can install it by going to the following this; login to your wordpress dashboard -> goto Appearance -> Click on Themes -> Click on Install theme -> Click on Upload theme and then upload the theme.

  1. WordPress Dashboard
  2. Appearance
  3. Themes
  4. Install Themes

Writing your first post!

You have just completed all the work above, now it is time to write your first post, you can do that by clicking -> Add New, a page will open where you can put in your title and the article.

Go creative and style your first post, type away and when you done with the writing, hit the publish button.

Congratulations! You have just published your first post, now the world can see your creativity!

You have just read the complete step on How to Start a Blog and am glad you took action and The next step is to rank your website to start making money from the internet. Look out for it.

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  1. Hey Frank,

    Thanks for sharing this article. BlueHost; a pretty decent hosting and even there are many bad ‘reviews’ about it, I still have faith in them. Probably one of the best hosting services out there!

    1. Yeah, Bluehost may have bad reviews, but i use them and my sites hardly go offline.
      Thank you for the comment Reginald.

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