How To Pick A Profitable Niche That Will Make You Money

Picking A Niche That Can Earn You Lots Of Money

Internet Marketing is difficult to understand and getting started is even more so, but to be prosperous, you will be forced to pick a niche that will have a high monetary value someday.

The key is to not get discouraged during the process and totally give up on becoming an Internet Marketing entrepreneur. There are some tricks to the trade and you can easily use them to your benefit and make you lots of money.

SEO and social media marketing should be put on the sideline for a bit. The first step and foremost important factor of all is finding the perfect niche.

It definitely will not matter, at this point into the game that you desire a long-term revenue source. Of course, a short-term money fix should not be your main concern either.

Most up and coming individuals with a business sense are more distressed about the revenue, when they are attempting to choose a niche, but you should ignore this all together, if you want to be successful.

Money sites like payday loans and enticing credit card bundles do work well for the wallet, but you will never be able to beat your competitors, because they have tons of money to stick into their domains.

It is like comparing apples to oranges, when you consider a onetime payout of $250 compared to a continuous payout of $10, in which you could potentially see sales as high as $500 or more monthly. This is a prime example of why you need to ignore the financial payout, at this point.

Tips for Selecting a Profitable Niche

What are some subjects that you are passionate about?

The truth of the matter is that Internet marketing is anything, but easy. In fact, you’re going to be working diligently throughout the entire process. With this in mind, it is pertinent to choose a niche that genuinely peaks your interest.

You’re obviously going to want to avoid boring subjects that will bore you to tear. Don’t choose a niche that is overly lame. Instead, find something that you can truthfully enjoy. If you’re a fan of video games, there may very well be a niche there!

Everyone, who isn’t a cyborg, has a passion for one thing or another. Whether it is porn, video games, or music, you’ve likely got something that pushes your buttons. Run with these ideals, as they may very well be valuable. Of course, putting together a list of your hobbies won’t bring you the magic niche.

Which subjects do you find interesting?

Next, you’ll want to keep ahold of that pencil and paper. It is a good idea to begin formulating a list of the subjects that you would like to learn more about. Just because you own a niche website, you don’t have to know everything there is to know about that specific subject.

Contrary to popular believe, those big authority websites weren’t always packed full of information. If you go back and read their originating articles and blog posts, you’ll likely find the author asking questions about their own niche.

These individuals weren’t experts in the beginning and you don’t have to be either. Instead, these guys took something that truly interested them, they learned all about it and profited tremendously.

If something is even remotely interesting, you should write it down. Want to learn more about the justice system? Perhaps you’d like to understand Hollywood or a specific sport?

Each of these things can be achieved and you could potentially make money during the learning process. Therefore, you should definitely write these things down and add them to your list.

Starting A Micro-Niche That Can Be Broadened Into A Large Niche

It is vital that you choose a niche that has the budding potential to bloom into a very large niche. A growing website will eventually grow into a large profitable business, but not without the right niche.

As the old saying goes, “start small, but always think big” is definitely how your mindset should be. Especially if you want to increase your product line and services to the large number of traffic that will visit your site.

Health and exercising is only one example, but your micro-niche may be something along the lines, as how you can benefit from home workouts. This will target a diversified audience, because lots of individuals work at home or stay at home to care for their children.

Your content will need to be solely focused on at home exercises. It is also important that you only present home workout affiliate and CPA offers, which will promote your content.

Once you begin to see growth, then it will be time to expand your content knowledge to dieting tips, personal workouts, and home exercise equipment.

You have successfully fulfilled your goal, because you now have a large niche, which will open up many doors of opportunities for you, by targeting a wider audience, which in turn will help you increase your sales.

Can You Find People Who Like This Niche

You have to put your own interests aside and think about what other people want. If you choose a topic that only small minorities of people know about, then you are going to be very successful.

You should be able to use your own judgment in deciding, if the topic has potential, or not. Be sure to ask yourself if it is something that you would be interested in. If the topic will not target a whole range of people, mark it off your list.

For instance, if you are interested in hockey teams in the United States, you might want to change your topic to hockey teams in general. This will draw an interest to everyone, not just people within the United States.

Can you Advertise to Your Audience in Numerous Ways?

Obviously, search engine optimization is imperative for the overall success of your website, but other traffic sources are also crucial. For instance, you’ll want to consider social media marketing.

In order to do this, you should search through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google and Linkedin. Are there groups and large audiences for your specific niche on these websites?

At the same time, you should do a quick search for eBooks and newsletters, which pertain to your desire niche. If you’re able to find a great number of these, you may very well have a popular subject.

It is also helpful to see, whether or not there is potential for guest blogging opportunities, since this is a wonderful way to advertise your website. Finally, you should begin researching the value of your potential keywords.

Do these keywords receive a pretty good amount of traffic? If they do not, it won’t be a concern, as long as you have plenty of keywords to juggle. If this is not a possibility and your keywords and search volumes are extremely low, you should avoid this niche altogether.

Either way, it is helpful to remember all of the potential ways of driving traffic to your website, including PPC, guest blogging, SEO, and social media marketing.

How To Determine Whether Other Websites Are Dominating A Specific Niche

Google will be your best option, in determining, whether or not a domineering website has full control over a specific niche. By typing in single and combination keywords into the Google search bar, you will be able to find out if there is a genuine authority website.

If so, then you will need to continue your search for a niche that is not dominated entirely by one specific website. These website have money to back them up, which will make competing against them virtually senseless.

Random websites that are not familiar to you may be a sign of optimism, because they most likely do not have full control over the niche. You may be able to gain control of the rankings, but do not stop looking yet.

Is it truly possible to overcome these sites?

Once you’ve narrowed down your competition, it is imperative to begin breaking down the site’s statistics. In order to do this, you’ll need to rely on Ahrefs, Moz, and other tools that help to examine the links to these websites.

Once you’ve used these sites to compile a list of backlinks, you’ll want to weigh the value of their backlink repertoire. Are these links obviously spammy, or have they accumulated good authority links?

In order to make ranking easier, it is wise to target niches, in which the websites at the top have poor backlink building practices. In simple terms, squash those spammers.

Those, who are new to IM, will want to make the process, as easy as possible. The easiest way to do this is to choose niches that have poor websites at the top of the rankings. By gaining experience and succeeding on your first attempt, you’ll feel more motivated and inspired to continue the efforts for even more success.

Are you motivated and willing to put in the effort?

There is a major misconception that making money from home online is simple and requires very little work, but this is not necessarily the case. Sitting around on the couch and checking your email is nothing more than a fantasy.

Although a few lucky individuals will be able to make this a possibility, most people, who actually succeed in IM, have to work diligently and sweat over their keyboards all hours of the night.

Before you even consider wasting your time, it is imperative to be honest with yourself. In order to truly build websites that are profitable, you’ll need to put in the effort. In fact, you’ll likely find yourself working more at home than you would, at a 8 to 5 job.

If you’re not willing to work throughout the day and night to get ahead, there are others who will be and they will crush you. Therefore, you should be prepared to put in long hours, especially in the beginning. By putting in extra effort in the beginning, you’ll be able to reap bigger rewards on down the line.

In all truthfulness, you should think of the process, as if you’re building a home. Building the foundation is fundamental and will likely get on your nerves and test your patience, but you’ll fail without it.

What are you potential revenue sources?

At this point, it is likely that your list is growing shorter. Well, it is time to eliminate a few more. Attempt to see which of these niches are capable of bringing in a moderate amount of money. Remember that there are a variety of different ways to make money from a website and it is pertinent to consider each of these.

Affiliate Programs – Obviously, selling products and services on your website can be tremendously beneficial. Find products, which have affiliate programs that fit your specific niche. Are people actually buying these products? If they’re garbage, you shouldn’t expect people to buy them.

Google Adsense – Most site owners can make a good amount of money using Google Adsense, but it important to research the potential of your specific niche and keywords.

Check out the cost per click, or CPC, for each of your niches. If the CPC is low, you should look at the traffic numbers. A high CPC isn’t necessary, if your traffic numbers are going to be enormous.

Direct Advertising – With some niches, it may be possible to sell ad space directly on your website. Research this type of avenue for your niche, because direct advertising can be a great way to generate upfront money quickly.

Paid Reviews or Posts – In some niches, manufacturers and product providers will actually pay you, if you’re willing to write a positive post about their company or product. Sure, this might be morally questionable, but the money could be good.

Similar Offers – Finally, it is a good idea to check for other offers, within your toolbox. Those, who run websites regarding weight loss, may be able to capitalize on offers for workout and weight loss programs.

At the same time, you may be able to cooperate with a supplement shop and use their associated affiliate program to make more money.

Diversity Is The Key To Success And Keeping Your Head Above Water

Have you ever thought about what would happen if Google disappeared for 24-hours? Can your website content actually attract visitors, without Google, Bing, or Yahoo and does it offer enough diversity, in more than one traffic source? Think about all of this, before you start writing that content, because this will proof to you that deep research is critical to your website.

The wrong niche will definitely lead to failure and if you do not want to see your website among the losers, then you definitely need to find the right niche. Without doing this, you will be doomed from the very beginning.

Can you Think of Plenty Blog Post Topics?

Finally, it is imperative to ensure that you’re going to be able to put together consistent blog posts for your website. Go into a quiet room and sit by yourself.

Now, begin jotting down a list of potential topics for your blog. If you run into a roadblock, with one of your niches, you should immediately remove it from your list.

It is tremendously helpful, if you’re able to continue jotting down topics, without taking a break. Honestly, it is imperative to ensure that you’re going to be able to write unique content, and tons of it, for your visitors.

You don’t want your content to sound identical, as this will run off your visitors. At the same time, writing about eerily similar subjects will grow terribly boring and you’ll likely quit, before you get ahead.

Once you’ve knocked a few off of your list, it is a good idea to do it again, but attempt to do it for a longer period of time. Obviously, the niche, which is easiest to find topics for, will prove to be tremendously advantageous.

Finally, you should have one potential niche remaining. This could very well become a tremendous moneymaker, if you’re willing to put in the work!


You should remember that all of the information listed above will help you, but you have to do all of the hard work yourself. Instead of instantly choosing topics that appear to offer benefits, you should actually find topics that are beneficial. Find those that are capable of providing you with revenue for a longer period of time.

Well, what are you waiting for? At this point, your niche should be selected and you should be ready to begin creating your content. Remember to have fun, be patient and continue working to get ahead!

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