How To Get High Quality Free Content For Your Blog

How To Get High Quality Free Content For Your Blog

Today’s Topic is kinda bizarre; who would give you a free content for your blog? Well Here is my own method on How To Get High Quality Free Content For Your Blog like a boss 😀

If you were told that you could get free, high quality writing done for your blog you would probably think the person telling you so is either lying or drugged.

Well let me tell you that it is totally possible, if you play your cards right. It may cost you some time, but if done correctly, your return on investment will definitely be worth it.

Recently on another blog of mine I had been writing about starting an online business with a low budget. The response I got had been overwhelming, with a lot of people wanting to know what the best way is to get guest bloggers attracted to their sites.

Instead of answering everyone individually, I decided to make another blog entry about this topic describing 7 ways of getting high quality writing offered to you on a silver plate, for free, every day. You may even be able to schedule future posts for time sensitive events if you do it right.

Something crucial to remember though is that your site should seem legit to users. They are mostly likely offering you their content because they believe they could get some free exposure for their own website. What this means is that your site should be ranking like a diamond according to metrics like Mozrank’s Domain Authority and Page Rank.

This will create the illusion that your site is indeed the star player that your content contributors need to achieve success on their own site. Meanwhile, back at basecamp, these type of metrics means nothing as they are faked really easily with some work, but let us keep that knowledge to ourselves and just bask in the glorious flood of free content that would be coming from contributors wanting a backlink to their own site.

This above mentioned technique will require some time and effort from your side, but fortunately even this can be outsourced. It may end up costing you money, but $20 or $30 would be nothing compared to what you could be getting in return.

Should you decide to take action, there are a few key points that you should remember. Start well in advance as it could take an update or two, especially with MozRank to get your metrics to where you want them. Take time to build some serious links in the form of blog comments linking to your site and various popular web 2.0 profile doing exactly the same.

This will cause your Domain Authority (DA) to go into overdrive, pleasing both your bloggers and your pocket as you will be getting content for free. Unfortunately you will still be needing to proofread and filter potential candidates, especially in the beginning.

What is so great about this method is that you get the chance to filter out the bad apples without even one fight about money. If you find some great writers you can even play your cards right by driving some fake traffic their way if your blog do not have a gigantic following yet. This will further strengthen the bond between you and your writers and it does not even have to be expensive.

Granted, the fake traffic may not be the best thing for their site, but they will likely only have hits in mind, blaming a high bounce rate to their own shortcomings. But since you are already tricking them out of content, my guess would be that even this would be none of your concern.

10 Ways How To Get High Quality Free Content For Your Blog

Contacting bloggers manually (Blogger Outreach)

This may be the longest method of them all, but in the end it is also the best. The results you will achieve with this method are far more direct and effective than any other method mentioned before. But it is also hard work which is not easily outsourced effectively.

You will literally read through all content by those making your shortlist, in a way interviewing them for your position. Depending on your time available the shortlist can be anywhere from one to one hundred contributors.

What remains to be done is to contact them stating your intentions and gauging their response. This may not be the most effective method for mass production of articles, but it is definitely the most targeted method for acquiring quality articles for free.

It is important to note that your competition will likely also employ these tactics sooner or later, so having an effective sales pitch is paramount to the success of this method.

Promoting via Twitter

This could be your most effective way, but unfortunately this method is also one of the most expensive. While being expensive may not be good for you now, it does have the potential to save you lot of time searching for the perfect candidate.

Twitter can deliver your request for blog writers to a highly targeted audience. Take the Nascar niche mentioned in the previous paragraph and build an ad around that. Have some fancy team graphics and a simple but effective call to action, something as simple as “Write for us” will do the trick here.

Firstly you will select your target as people already following Nascar related tweets, even going as far as a specific team if you so wish. This may increase your advert cost, but it will deliver focused traffic.

Some people may still click your ad out of curiosity, but even if you only get only 10% of people clicking your ad to take action, you could still end up with a quality writer from a mere 10 clicks on your advert.

What makes this method so effective is that since the people that have responded to your ad are already avid supporters of your niche, chances are they will stick around for a while.

Sticky popup

This type of offer will definitely work out only if you picked the right niche. Lets say that you had picked Nascar. Your average Nascar fan is not geared towards internet marketing and may likely be attracted to the popup you had launched.

In other niches however, users may close your site quicker than you can pixelate your popup, so it is crucial here to know your target market. Something amazing about bloggers responding to popups is that they are sometimes very good writers. Some of them don’t even want you to backlink to their own site.

In fact, they don’t even have their own website, they just want to be heard. I have bloggers regularly contributing well written, high quality articles just so that their social profile can be seen. They also post these links all over, getting even more traffic to my site.

Footer link

Put up a link in your own site accepting contributions. This will tell both visitors to your site and bloggers specifically searching for guest posting opportunities that an opportunity lay waiting for them. Modern page design often put such links in the website footer and many bloggers, including myself, will go directly there if I had been looking for such opportunities.

My suggestion is to stick to this modus operandi as everyone already knows where to look, making your search for free content that much more effective. Keep in mind that people who land up in this section of your website likely have only two things on their mind, money or fame.

Yes you will likely get request for employment so to speak, but you can safely ignore these. You might lose some gems this way, but the initial aim had been free content, so keep the focus.

The other type of blogger has fame in mind. Backlinks to his own site, leeching from what is perceived to be an internet authority, also knows as your own blog. Something to keep in mind here is that not everyone has the same skill level in writing, so you should keep a close eye on the content they provide and where they would like to link to. Linking to spam websites or some other rubbish will only end up having your own site penalized, so try and keep it clean by only allowing natural links.

The best way to keep your own site clean is to have a contributors page where they can link to internally and from there form outbound links. This keeps your sites out of search engine trouble and makes administrating the links that much easier.

Comment on popular articles

Find a few active forums or blogs that are concentrating on the niche you are interested in. Go back a month or two for each site, posting a comment linking to your site in every article. This will have two consequences.

Firstly it will boost your Moz ranking a lot, which in turn will attract even more contributors, some of which also just wanting to be heard. Secondly it allows you the opportunity to market your site, both to visitors and to content contributors.

This is it. There is no advanced programming needed, no elaborate marketing techniques to be learned. Just your cunning wit to be used and some investment of your time, which will be generously rewarded in the form of free content that would have taken you ages to write yourself.

You could even play into their feelings, rewarding the contributor with the most articles, or the most comments to their articles, with something special like an Amazon gift card or even cold hard cash.

This may take some money out of your own pocket but if you have done it right, this reward will be payable directly out of your website earnings. Rewarding the best may not inspire everyone at once, but those who are will definitely make it worth your while.

Advertising on Craigslist

Real internet marketers knows best not to advertise on Craigslist as various scammers have diluted Craigslist to a form of entertainment, offering the odd service like moving or mowing a lawn. But believe it or not, there are still people believing everything they read  on Craigslist.

So instead of shying away from it, embrace the culture of the site and advertise furiously. Something to remember though is that the average person looking for SEO for their website on Craigslist, most likely do not even know that it is referred to as SEO.

What you need to do is to word your ad in such a way that it focuses the reader’s attention to a specific niche, your niche, and calling out for action from that point. You can then respond to queries on the ad asking them to provide content that you can use for the purpose of backlinking their website.

Another great opportunity that exist within this method is the ability to upsell content. It may require that you previously invested a lot of time finding quality writers, but once the opportunity present itself when a client insist that you should provide the content, it becomes a goldmine.

It also allows you the opportunity to have a steady stream of fresh content since ranking a site requires lots of articles. Although this point is true, it will serve you even better than it is serving them since you are the one hosting this content.


When most people think about Fiverr articles, they think about pay someone to write for them. But here is the deal, you could turn the tides and have them pay you to post your content, at the same time providing you with quality content.

What makes this such a lucrative deal is that you can demand quality from the start, stating the health of network as your reason. Having someone pay for backlinks is not such a farfetched idea, Fiverr is already filled with services like this.

What have been done differently this time is that you get them to provide both the content and the backlinking. The money you make on Fiverr can also be spent buying views for your content providers or even be spent on better graphics for your website.

Caution should be applied when buying critical services such as SEO and development as Fiverr is filled with candidates that does not necessarily have your best interest at heart. You may be tempted to take this method and run with it, just keep posting articles ad infinitum.

Be advised however that you should still keep your website’s best interest at heart and only allow high quality content without spammy backlinks to be posted. What makes Fiverr such a breeze to work with is that you can simply issue a refund, demanding a high quality article.

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