Best Fortune 100 companies to work for

Every year since 1955, Fortune Magazine released a list of the top 500 companies in the United States according to total revenue for the fiscal year. The Fortune 100 ranking is an unofficial list of the top 100 corporations within that list. These are the biggest and highest grossing companies, and working for them could be a dream come true depending on your job title.

When you go over the list, one thing to consider is that you could find a job with any of these companies making anywhere from minimum wage to billions of dollars (if you’re lucky enough to be the owner or CEO). Regardless, here is a list of the top Fortune 100 companies to work for and a little bit about what they do.

1. Walmart

This corporation is a household name like most of the companies on this list. Walmart is considered a general merchandiser and provides just about any product through brick-and-mortar stores and online services all across the globe. 

Walmart is the world’s largest corporation with revenue of $559.2 billion dollars last year. They proudly employ 2.2 million associates across the globe in 24 countries, 1.6 million of them in the United States alone. It’s safe to say Walmart isn’t going anywhere, so if you’re looking for job security this might be the perfect fit.

2. Amazon

Coming in second place is the Amazon corporation, an online internet service and online retail sales mega business. With profits last year at over $386 billion dollars, this technology driven corporation is here to stay. Amazon employs nearly one million employees in the United States.

Recently, Amazon implemented a $15 per hour minimum wage across the country. So, even if you’re starting at the bottom you’ll get a competitive wage. Delivery drivers start out at $17 an hour and many are getting sign-on bonuses. 

3. Apple

The best known computer, mobile phone, and office equipment producer had a revenue last year of $274.5 billion dollars. Coming in third on the list of Fortune 100 companies, Apple only employs a modest 80,000 people in the United States, but is responsible for creating over 2 million jobs through suppliers and the App Store ecosystem.

You can apply for a wide variety of roles including, designers, customer support and marketing positions. The company has seen exponential growth over the past couple of years, so if you’re looking for a growing company this could be a great fit.

4. CVS Health

You might know the CVS brand as a store, but it’s also a pharmacy and health care services provider. CVS grossed nearly $269 billion dollars in 2021, making it number 4 on the list of Fortune 100 companies.

CVS Health employed over 300,000 workers in 2020, and those numbers continue to grow. Employees say the hiring process is fairly simple and fast, and the company has positive reviews. 
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