Top 10 Best Business Apps For Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Best Business Apps For Entrepreneurs

Business applications are really helpful especially when you are on the go. Smartphones have made it really easy for entrepreneurs to stay in touch with all their business needs. So, whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned one, there are some business applications which you should have in your smartphone.

Office Mobile (Office 365 Subscribers)

Office mobile is the best mobile version of Microsoft Office exclusively for the Office 365 subscribers. If you are among those entrepreneurs who work mostly on Microsoft Office on your computer, then this smart phone version of that is really convenient. It makes the whole process of carrying a laptop with you all the time more bearable.

You just have to have your smart phone device with you, and you can edit and create new documents whenever you want. It is also extremely easy to create presentations using Microsoft Power Point and spreadsheets with the help of Microsoft Excel as well.

This app works perfectly on iOS, Android and Windows Phone equally fine. You can also perform cloud sharing with the help of SharePoint, SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro.

Although Office Mobile is a bit costly, yet the money is all worth it in the long run.


Owned by LinkedIn, CardMunch is an excellent app for keeping track of all your business contacts in one place. There is not rocket science involved in using this application. All you have to do is to take a picture of business cards and load them into CardMunch.


This is a very popular and an extremely practical app which is used by entrepreneurs. With 2GB of extra space, you can sync, download, edit and store all your files, videos, audios, pictures and other important files in this cloud sharing app.

If you have to share a lot of documents, then you can get a Pro account ranging between $8 to $42 per month.

Dropbox works on iOS, Kindle Fire, Android and Blackberry.

Square Register

Launched in 2010 by James McKelvey and Jack Dorsey, Square Register is an app used by businessmen the world over for accepting credit cards. It uses a free card reader and different free point of sales tools. It has got no hidden charges or fees and takes a simple 2.75% cut for all the acceptable credit cards. It takes simply a day or two for the funds to be transferred into your account through Square Register. In case you use an iPad, the app just looks like a traditional cash register.


TripIt is a must have for all those businessmen who happen to travel a lot. It helps you in reminding your whole travel related activities and makes sure that you never miss your car and even the plane. This app is specifically designed for those who travel if not on a daily but on a weekly basis at least. As soon as you make travel plans and start receiving confirmation emails from the various services which you have contacted, you can start forwarding those emails to¬† [email protected].

The best thing about TripIt is that it accepts reservations from restaurants, cruises, concerts and various other websites. Sharing your plans with TripIt is also very easy. You can do that through your Facebook, e-mail and even LinkedIn account.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

So, you have a meeting and you do not have your laptop in your hands? You do not have to worry at all in such a situation. All you need is to install Cisco WebEx Meetings app in your mobile device. It lets you have a 2 way conversation easily. What makes it different from the other web meeting apps is that you can attach files, show your presentations and even edit your Excel spreadsheet while using this app. It mostly let you perform what you would on any regular meeting.

If you are a small business, then you can even avail the free version which lets you do a conference web meeting with up to 3 people at a time and provides you with a storage of 250 MB. For more advanced features, you can chose from the various plans offered by Cisco. is perfect for budgeting, analyzing how much you have spent and how much you should save. It is basically a solution to all your financial issues in one place. You can use this app for keeping a track of all your plans: retirement, mortgage, loans, credit and debit included.


You can use Evernote for organizing different types of information which you collect from the internet. You can add text, pictures, videos, tables and a lot of other things into even a single note. Then you can embed , condense and organize them in any way you want. You can even use Evernote for organizing your emails, contacts and important notifications on your smart phone device.

There is a free as well as a paid version available for Evernote.


If you want to keep track of the hours you work, you should definitely have Toggl with you. It not just logs in all the billable hours you have worked but also gets synchronized with other business apps for making working easier for you. It just costs $5 a month, and is perfect for small businesses and freelancers.


This app is perfect for a business having at the most 10 to 12 employees. It keeps track of all your accounting issues and is available for free. You can even link it with your PayPal account. While the free version does have some nuisance in the form of unnecessary advertisements, yet it is all worth it when you are low on budget and cannot invest in a paid accounting app.

The paid version of Wave starts from $19 a month.

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