Basic Tips To Increase Your Blog Conversion Rate

I will be sharing a little bit of my story of how I have the visitors but they did not convert to customers, I will try painting a little picture of what am saying here.

Do you remember that I have a niche website? Well, that niche website is having up to 180 Unique visitors per day, and since it’s an Amazon niche website, I monetize it with, but how come none of my blog human visitors are not buying any product from my Amazon affiliate links?

The truth is that, whenever I have a problem, I can read up to 50 blog posts about the subject, so I went on google/bing and searched for “ways how to increase my blog conversion rate

I read more than 6000 words articles where the writer always advice me to try split testing and changing positions of my Affiliate links and banner position, and when it comes to learning how to increase my blog’s conversion rate, am always eager to learn.

Well, I tried it and the result is great, but they forgot to share the “Basic tips” and that is what I am sharing here with you today.

Okay, if I may ask, which one will you prefer right now for your Website/niche blog?

  1. More visitors that won’t convert?
  2. Same visitors with more sales?

Well, well, I know your answer, and it is surely the latter. You might want to read one of my popular article on how to get referral traffic to your website while waiting for to start sending you prospective buyers.

Before you try increasing your blog visitors, try converting the ones you already have, so that when more visitors come, you’ll surely make more sales with more visitors.

To increase your blog conversion rate, you’ll need to personally work on your conversion rate skills. The secret to improving the cnversion rate of your niche website(s) or Blog(s) is to believe you can and also try split testing, however, Here are three (3) powerful Ways to help you out.

Sure Basic Tips To Increase Your Blog Conversion Rate

 Make Your Website Easy To Navigate

Have you seen most niche websites sold/bought in They are practically easy to navigate, the templates are very simple, the navigation can be understand by someone who is 80 years old.

If you visitors are comfortable with your blog theme, and can understand how to navigate your website, they automatically turn to customers, and do you know why?

Because they can get the answers to their questions by going from one post to another, this will also help reduce your blog bounce rate.

One thing I know for sure is this, if any visitor finds solution to their problem on your blog, automatically, they turn to returning customers and also spread the word by spreading your blog url with his/friends. Make sure that your visitors can easy navigate through your website and get solutions to their problem, automatically, you don’t even need any tricks to turn them to buyers, they’ll start clicking links to help them get the product that would help solve their problem.

note that the very first and the foremost necessity to increase the conversion rate of your website is to make it “easily navigated”

Don’t Waste Your Customer Time; Time is Valuable

In the school of “increasing conversion rates” Customers are King, and time is of essence important to all humans, don’t waste the time of your customers by going through unrelated stuffs, stories and thereby, wasting your visitors time, and decreasing your conversion rate.

To increase your blog conversion rate, make sure that for every blog post you publish trying to promote a product or service, “Go straight to the point, HIT the nail directly on the head of the problem, give your visitors tips on how to solve the problem, offer guidelines, give out step by step tutorial on how to solve it, elaborate more on the advantage of having the product you’re promoting, write about the advantages,

(BUT most importantly, write about the disadvantages too, this will go a long way in helping your customer trust you the more. I have realise that whenever I try promoting a product on my niche website, I give like 10 Advantages, and just 3-5 flimsy disadvantages.)

But ensure that the disadvantages you share is not that serious, or it will discourage them, keep the fire burning, make the discussion entertaining and at the same time, engaging, this is another secret tips to converting visitors to big time customers.

If possible, you can let your blog visitors know the number of days in which that item is likely to be in stock, probably.

Also, be frank about the shipping charges, or you might risk losing your customers trust, and truly, some people would just ask for refund, and it’s a loss-loss case for you. When a user adds an item to the cart, show him the total amount of money he will have to pay including the shipping charges.

This will show them that you know what you’re saying! showing your readers that you can be trust worthy will go a long way to building a long lasting relationship with them, and this will lead us to the last step for today.

Trustworthiness: Show Your Blog Visitors That They Can Trust You

 Even though we are in the technology age, most people don’t like to disclose their credit card details online, because of the high rate of fraudulent activities online. But you can stand out. Make sure that your visitors know that you’re trustworthy. One thing I noticed since I start building up amazon niche websites where I product diverse products, I discovered something I would like to share with you today, most people would just choose to come online, and read about the Pro (advantages) and Cons (disadvantages) of a product, and proceed to go offline and buy it, I mean directly and in person.

So how can you convince people with this character to buy these products from your website?

You will need to give them the sense of security by showing them privacy policy clearly, which stats that you have SSL certificate that protects their credit card details.


This sounds simply right? Well, solution to big problems comes in small simply packs. If you have not yet tried the above 3 steps, try them now and see as your conversion rate spike.

Remember that this is just only the “Basic tips” the very next guides will be more focus, comprehensive and more converting, hope you’ll love this article and share it with your friends on facebook and twitter, using the share buttons below.

Just in case you have any problems relating to visitors conversion to customers, you can use the comment box and lets discuss.

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  1. Thanks for this information these are excellent tips. I look forward to the comprehensive blog.

  2. Thanks for sharing..! I think that my blog should to improve more conversion rate because the bounce rate is around %68 ..! 🙂

  3. Awesome advice here. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned with us. Let us know how it goes for you!

  4. Wonderful tips. I will have to try these to see how I can increase my blog conversion rate as well. Thanks for sharing!

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