7 MUST Know Tips To Choosing the Best Theme for Your Blog

When it comes to blogging, your theme is the very first impression your visitors see, and just like the old proverbs goes “you’re address the way you dress” in life, this also address your blog design (themes).

Your blog will be accord a measure of respect depending on how valuable your theme is. So as you can see, selecting a theme for your blog is the very first most important thing you should think of.

When it comes to the selection of themes, Niche matters a lot, and here’s an example of what am saying here.

Entertainment website themes will be way different than that of educational websites, a service offering blog theme will be very different from that of health sites, right? So what are the criteria for selecting the best theme that suits your blog niche?

So as you can see, selecting the right theme for your blog is vital to how successful you’ll be. Getting a professional theme is easy today, thanks to theme creating websites like Thesis, Genesis, Themeshop and Cyber Chimps where you can get themes for small prices.

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One thing is for sure, selecting the right design to use for your blog site is a very essential aspect to your on-line success. For example, take a look at the top guys in your niche and see their themes, you will see that it’s professional, unique and probably customized to suit their customers/visitors, this makes them stand out from the crowd.

Anytime I visit a blog that have a unique design, I always say things like “wow, this guy is good, I love this website, etc” and this is how other people act too when they visit your blog.

7 Ultimate Guides To Choosing the BEST Themes that Suits Your Blog Niche:

Here is my 7 MUST Know Tips To Choosing the Best Theme for Your Blog and trust me, i have used a lot of themes and find that different themes works for different niche.

1.   What Is Your Blog All About? (Your Niche Matters)

Having the best themes that suits your targeted visitors will surely increase your blog conversion rate, and this includes both Adsense and Amazon targeting websites. Just in case you are selling accessories such as wrist watches or hair accessories, then it’s best to use a fancy and vibrant theme, that will surely have sliders that shows different wrist watches, this will keep your website both engaging and make the products you’re trying to promote much more alluring.

In this type of niche, you should have a very appealing theme since you primary meet the needs of people who are enthusiastic about adding appeal to their identity. So make it flashy, but not too much, it should be mature and the colors should be bright. This really helps. You might want to read my post on how to build a money making niche site

2.   Who Are Your Visitors?

Knowing your visitors can tell you who they are, and the class they come from, and what appeals to them, If your blog is all about Fitness, Health, etc, you simply don’t need a four column website with some dark background, it won’t fit into your blog’s readers, use a simply and welcoming themes with a white or light background.

Since I am in this niche, I have discovered that the visitors/audience are more interested in the message that you are trying to communicate through your articles.

However, your theme plays 70% of how much you’ll be earning.

3.   Ensure Your Theme Works with All Web Browsers

We all have different kind of choice, and since we’re all different, most people love to use different browsers, some people would prefer using Internet Explorer, while others would go for Safari, Opera, Google Chrome or Mozilla, so when choosing a them for your website, ensure that your themes works very fine on all these browsers, so as not to miss out on any traffic.

Also make sure that your blog theme is mobile friendly, according to recent survey, 79% of internet access came from mobile phones, so ensure that the theme you will be selecting works well and is viewable in smartphones and tablets, in case you’re using Ecpm companies to monetize your website/blog, make sure that you use responsive themes that will also display ads on these mobile phones, so as not to miss out on ANY traffic coming from mobile end users.

 4.   Load Time Play a Major Role

Have you ever come across a blog post or article that gives you a glimpse as to factors google used in ranking websites? Well, I have seen them, and believe me, google do give websites that load faster more ranking power, and you know why?

Because everyone don’t have the time to wait for a website to load for 3 minutes, it simply gets boring and they’ll close the tap. So ensure that when choosing the best themes for your blog, make sure that the theme loads very fast, and you can know a simple themes by seeing how designed it is.

When you choose a theme, make sure that you don’t add too much widgets on your homepage, it is the very reason why your blog is not loading very fast and there are lots of tips on how to reduce your website load time.

 5.   Use theme just from a reliable source

Since coming online, I have met dubious people, I have seen dubious actions, and have seen fraudulent activities which involved people buying premium themes from the original source, then they proceed to inject them with codes that either link back to Casino or p0*n websites, which are not supported. Some of these people goes as far making the blog easy to hack, so that they can have access anytime they need to.

However, you can avoid this, by buying the premium themes, I discovered something, almost all newbie bloggers want to use premium themes, templates and plugins, and the truth is this, the people providing them FOR FREE also have hidden agenda, and this include adding some secret links that will link back to their blog, from every single page of your blog, and this automatically turn your blog to a web 2.0.

If you want to use a premium theme, buy it, if you don’t have the money, ask someone who have already bought it to share it with you, but don’t go around downloading it from websites where you don’t know the source.

When the malicious codes penetrate your operating system, you will be at risk of id theft or it’s going to decelerate your system. If you can not buy a premium theme, be realistic, and start using free themes. But be certain to down load free themes provided by sources that you can rely on.

Sources like wordpress, and other trustable reliable websites.

 6. Use SEO Optimized Themes

One thing I also noticed in the past years while blogging, is that some people (with the mindset of making money online) just learn how to use php, css, and would go ahead and start designing awesome and beautiful websites, which most people will start uploading on their websites/blog.

However, they’ll fail to realise that all these search engine bots are made up of codes too, and some themes simply block all these search engines bots from accessing them, and you’ll see that such blogs administrators will be facing difficulties getting their blog posts indexed in google and other search engines.

Nowadays, there are millions of website and a million being added every day, and the best way to overpower your competitors in search engines is by using an SEO optimized themes accurately coded for easier access to bots and also welcome them.

 7. Responsive Themes

Ensure that while selecting a theme for your website, make sure that it is responsive and can be accessible through any browsing devices, either through mobile device or desktops, you can use it on your blog.

Just like I said, more than 79% of Internet users come through mobile phones, so you can’t just help but monetize them too, and when it comes to monetizing your website on mobile devices, your theme plays the vital role. Make sure that you theme is responsive and can be accessible on Tablets and Smartphones.

Do you know that most internet millionaires are the APP developers? Don’t miss out in the Mobile billion dollar, monetize your blog too and start seeing increase in your revenue and in your conversion rates. Websites like Amazon are mobile optimized too, which means that your visitors can buy their product through mobile phones, so ensure that you get an optimized and responsive websites.

I hope these 7 tips help you to choose the best theme that will suit your blog visitors. In case you have any problem with choosing a theme for your website, you can drop your comment through the comment section and I can help choose the best themes for you.

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