6 Reasons Your Real Estate Business Needs A Podcast

Always on the hunt for new ways to grow my real estate brokerage, I turned to a less conventional way of marketing: He started featuring on podcasts. He has appeared in more than 19 podcast guest interviews, and He considers it one of the best things He has done marketwise.

Despite having more than 150 videos on YouTube and being voted as D Magazine’s best Realtor for four of the past five years, He still finds podcasts a lucrative way to grow my business. It can become a valuable part of your real estate marketing strategy if leveraged well. Here are six reasons your real estate business should consider launching a podcast.

  1. Your prospects are listening.

Real estate is an industry that has high customer value. Hence a podcast will be one of the most effective marketing tools. Podcasts can work well with real estate where the show represents a geographic area or high-end products or services. According to a small business research firm Bredin survey, 39% of SMBs owners listen to podcasts, while 65% listen at least weekly.

  • Reach more qualified prospects

You may probably want to talk with your customers one-on-one or even educate them. This move can be a bit impossible since it may be challenging to have all of your clients together simultaneously. However, you can reach out to all your listeners through a podcast and more. Those who are interested in your approach can then reach out to you.

  • Attract high-quality clients and customers

One of the significant challenges marketers face is ‘churn.’ A podcast is valuable in industries such as real estate, where churn is expensive. Despite the podcast not being the most significant driver of leads, it is the best education platform. Once you build your following, many people will be able to come back, again and again, to listen to your podcasts, hence deepening the relationship. Clients and prospects will come prepared and require less hand-holding, making the onboarding process quick.

  • You don’t have to break your marketing budget.

Did you know that you can start a podcast with just a mic and hosting? While starting the podcast can be free, you may need a small budget to set up. This budget will not distort your marketing budget.

  • Hosting a podcast is fun

If there is something you need to look forward to, it is hosting a podcast. You will get to meet and interview fascinating guests, and you can connect with listeners you may never have heard from. A podcast will enable you to share ideas and stories that can make a huge difference financially for listeners.

  • It fits into your busy schedule

If you start a podcast, all you need to do as a host is show up and talk. Depending on your interests and time, you can outsource everything from editing, booking guests, transcription, publishing, and promotion.

Wrap Up

The above six reasons are enough to help your business find its way into a podcast or start your own.

For more information on how to get started, you can connect to him here.

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