5 Sure Reasons Why Bloggers Fail To Make Money Online

More than 90 per cent of bloggers will answer no to the above question, Making money online has never been more difficult. All of the methods we used a few years ago have become incredibly ineffective, leaving bloggers scrambling for new method how to make money online. And one hard fact is that a lot of bloggers have stopped blogging completely because they have NEVER made any money from their online hustling.

You don’t make money online right? And you still want to blog?

Hear this; you can make loads of money from your blog if you can only keep digging until you find out what works for you… A lot of seasoned bloggers you hear their names now, are all once like you, the only difference between you and them is that they never gave up. So don’t- there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Read the 5 reasons why bloggers can’t make money online, find were you are failing and try to improve.

1. Your Web design is terrific terrible!

Content is king, so we are made to believe, but that is not all true… One thing that plays a huge role and that is your website design! If you ever find yourself on a website that is poorly design, will you bother to read the content? Chances is are, you will not read the content and may even assume that the site is a scam.

Content is king, but if your site is not well designed, your content will not worth anything.

To start with, make your text easy to read, and people will read it. It’s really really simple.

2. No Navigation on your Website

After web design, comes navigation, it is a part of website design, but it falls under its own category.  A blog/website consists of multiple of pages that link together and not a single page. And that is why it is called a ‘web’.

A lot of bloggers make their navigation very difficult and sometimes impossible. When visitors don’t know how to navigate on your site, how in the world are they going to become regular readers or customers? That is why adsense refused some application if the website has no navigation.

WordPress know how useful this feature is, that is why they make adding it a breeze. Very simple, you just need to click a button or two and you have a nice navigation! Why not take advantage of it?

3. You created your website to rank in Google

Every one of us wants to rank our website on google and other search engine sites. If you ranked your website for a highly commercial search term, you were almost guaranteed sales, either from your affiliate links or from selling your own product. That’s when SEO really took off. But when the all-knowing Google realized all the money bloggers were making within its ecosystem, it decided it wanted a larger slice of that pie. In recent years (about 2004) they have made it much more difficult to rank for highly commercial search terms. If you however, find yourself in the top 3 of your targeted keyword, you are still going to get a slice of the cake, so to speak.

Now the problem with bloggers, who create their websites with the sole purpose of ranking on google, they don’t bother about their website design, navigation, content and don’t provide  detailed information on their topic, you will always see website with little to no information jam-packed with ads. Those practices have been flagged by Google. A lot of bloggers who used these in the past have been penalized, and those who continue to use them will continue to get penalized.

While you might not rank as highly as before for your targeted keyword, it is highly recommended that you follow Google’s guidelines for high quality sites, acknowledge the fact that google brings a chunk load of traffic that results to sales.

*Must Read* When you are done creating your website, don’t wait for google to send the traffic to your website, read this post on how to get referral traffic to your website.

4. Make yourself visible

When people want to buy something from your website, they want to know the source. Big brands have a huge advantage here. They are instantly recognized, and so people trust them more naturally without bothering to dig further. But when you’re a blogger trying to sell products or even services on your website, you have to be forthcoming with people. Smile for the camera and be prepared to divulge lot of information about yourself. The more people get to know you, the more they will trust their money into your hands.

Here are some quick tips for better visibility:

  • When you design your website, leave room for a headshot on the front page.
  • Tell people who you are and not just what you do on your “About page”.
  • Provide your email address. Contact forms just don’t do it.
  • Social networks is playing a huge role now, therefore, link to all of your social profiles.

5. Make payment on your website super easy

Do you offer service on your blog? Then make payment to be easy with just a click away. Even if you have a niche blog promoting amazon products or any other affiliate links, make sure you have a clear link were visitors can easy access the product sales page.

If you are not making money with your blog, chances are you are failing at one of the points listed above. From experience, they’re the biggest reasons why people fail to make money online.


Do you have any more tips that you think is stopping bloggers from making from their blog? We would love to hear it!

14 Comments on “5 Sure Reasons Why Bloggers Fail To Make Money Online”

  1. FJ,

    All points are huge. 4 vibes with me. Be all over the place. Comment like crazy on blogs. Share other people’s content. Doing so just makes your life easier because you will be much more visible.

    Just a note: you typed “supper” busy…instead of “super”….unless you are busy at dinner lol 😉

    Thanks for the share!

  2. Hi Frank,

    Everything is well said. Many bloggers will be grateful for this. Making money is every blogger’s dream but that is the most difficult thing many bloggers find it difficult to achieve.

    Thanks for this. Do have a nice day!

  3. Frank,

    You are so on the money when it comes to a great design. Although, content is king, you still need to have a great looking site. There’s nothing worse than having an ugly site with great content. Thanks for bringing out these tips today!

  4. Thanks for this post. I feel that a lot of bloggers get on their blog and just write what the feel and don’t bother to find the traffic or niche that they need. This is very vital in getting started. You shared some great tips!

  5. This is a great post. Thanks for sharing these tips and ideas with us. They all make perfect sense. Now, I’m off to read the post you recommend, “How to get referral traffic to your website.” Take care!

  6. Hello; These were all great points. As far as photos go be sure to also have a good picture on each of your social media profiles. linked in now allows you to upload a short introductory video. I haven’t done mine yet, but its a good idea to let people see and hear you if possible. My site traffic and alexa rankings only really started rising when i got involved in reading, commenting on, and sharing other people’s blog posts. and when you post a comment on social media be sure to include a link back to your site preferably to the page most relevant to what you have to say. This way you are using social media to build traffic and not just propping up these giant companies. Thanks again for the suggestions. Take care, max

  7. Hi! I started my blog about 2 months ago and never made a dime from it, it’s well design and has a very clear navigation,and one more thing is that I don’t think I have any traffic on my blog, no visitor at all. Pls any help?

  8. I agree – especially with number 1. Website design is very important these days, especially if you want your reader to remember you and your blog.

    Great informative post as usual 🙂

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