3 Uncomfortable Topics That Come Up In Blogs

Being a blogger can be a very fulfilling, enjoyable, and lucrative career. Of course, as with all careers, it can also be difficult, stressful, and exhausting. If you are a lifestyle blogger you will blog about all different aspects of your life – including the ugly and messy. Sometimes there are things you might need to blog about that will be very uncomfortable things for you to talk about, especially publicly. If you are prepared to bare all on the internet, here are 3 uncomfortable things that might come up in your blogs.

Home Issues

Being a lifestyle blogger or vlogger means making content about your life! This includes the mundane, boring, and even gross stuff. Do you have a big cockroach problem and you’re thinking about calling pest control? Put that on the blog!  Does your kid have a rash covering half his body from swimming in dirty lake water? Put that on it too!

Your instinct may be to make your life look more rosy and lovely than it actually is, but being real with people and showing your struggles will go farther with your readers, viewers, or followers.


If you blog or vlog about lifestyle or family, your readers or viewers likely know a little bit about your relationship, whether or not your partner participates in your posts or videos. When talking about life, they will naturally come up! This can make it a little awkward or difficult when or if you and your partner/spouse break up, separate, or file for divorce.

You may not want to mention it at first because it’s personal, but eventually people will notice that you moved, or that you’re not talking about your ex anymore and they will start to wonder. It’s best to just address all rumors honestly. You don’t have to share details, you can just say something like “We separated but are still co-parenting.”


Childbirth is a popular topic for lifestyle bloggers. If you become pregnant and are actively blogging, it would be odd to take 9 months off, so naturally your pregnancy is going to come up in your blogs. Then, when you give birth, you may or may not choose to write about that experience as well.

For some people it’s a little too much personal information to share, especially if there are photos. But keep in mind that your story (no matter how painful or cringe-worthy) could help out another mom-to-be!

These days, it seems like nothing is too personal or off limits for putting into your blog. The beauty of it though is that at the end of the day, you get to choose what you share or don’t share.

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