100 Reliable and Genuine Ways To Make Money Online Free!

Can I make money online free?
Everyday I hear people asking this questions over and over again, i was in a meeting where we were discussing how to increase our sales by having an online presence. Most of the Newbies don’t even know how the internet works!!

You don’t need money to make money online, quote me anytime, what you need is dedication, focus on what you are doing, and you will realize the sky is just the limit.

And here is 100 Reliable and Genuine websites to Make Money Online Free

Get Paid To
This are websites where you get paid to complete simple tasks, anyone with a mobile phone or PC connected to the internet can do it.

List of GPT Sites
1. SwagBucks.com
2. Cashcrate.com
3. Treasuretrooper.com
4. Squishycash.com
5. GangsterGreed
6. Thecashgrab
7. Make that dollar
8. Get-Paid
9. Mypoints

How Much Can I Earn Monthly with Get Paid To Websites?
This Depends on the country you are operating from, people living in the US or Europe Countries have a better advantage, why Asians countries and other African countries can earn with referrals. Although most of the websites accepts international members.
You can earn a minimum of $150 to $500 monthly from participating in GTP websites. Off-course, the more websites you join, the higher your chance of earning.

Get Paid to Click Websites
These are websites that pay her members for clicking ads sent to their emails or from the ads displayed on the member’s dashboard.
Unfortunately, most PTC websites are fake and most of them never pay their Workers.
I personally do not recommend spending much time with paid to click websites, but it is a quick way to generate income from the internet and allow you to save money to purchase or start your internet business as a pro.

How much I can earn with PTC sites?
You can earn from $30 to $100 monthly from ptc websites, but this depend on the country you are operating from. Below i have listed the best and legit PTC websites to Join and earn quick money online.

List of PTC Sites
10. Clicksense
11. YouData.com
12. NeoBux.com
13. Wikiclix.com
14. DollarClickerSignup.com
15. Jingit.com
16. Beezag.com
17. Incentria.com
18. Varola.com
19. BuxP.com

Make Money online with Freelance websites
Freelancing is where you can display your talents and what you can do. Most people visit freelance websites to see if anyone are ready to solve a problem for them.
Most things that you can do from freelance websites and get paid is,
– Article writing,
– Web Designing,
– Virtual Assistance and lot more.

The potentials of earning money as a freelancer is huge, I have seen friends and friends from Internet Marketing forums who make more than $1,000 monthly as a VA to different clients. This demand hard work and you must be real to maintain your job. This is the perfect work at home job for people who are looking for one.
You relax at home and earn money.

Below are lists of freelancing websites where you can join.
20. Liveperson.com
21. Freelancer.com
22. Odesk.com
23. Elance.com

If you don’t know what you can offer, then browse through the sites and see what others are doing, that will spark you up to get started.
How Much can You Earn from Freelancing Websites?
This also depend on how ‘ready’ you are to work online, you can win a contract that can earn you thousands of dollar. And you can have clients who are ready to keep paying you for working as a virtual assistance. You can earn from $300 to $10,000 monthly working as a freelancer. You have more advantage if you have designing skills, if you can create applications, or design websites.

Earn Money Online Uploading Photos
Anyone can earn quick money online uploading Pictures, it is one of the simplest methods to make instant money online and every easy. All you have to do is register, upload your photos and get paid!
How much can you make uploading Photos Online?
You can earn from $50 to $500 monthly uploading photos, the more you upload, the more you make.
Below i have listed all the best and legitimate websites where we get paid to upload photos online.

List of Earn money to upload Photo WebSites.
24 ShutterStock.com
25 Shareapic.com
26 ImagePorter.com
27 PixMac.com
28 Imgzzz.com
29 Fotolia.com
30 DreamsTime.com

Get Paid To Upload Files online
You get paid for every users you download your files. Most pay to upload websites pay you weekly, and believe me, there are lots of money to be made from uploading files online.

how much can I make to Upload Files online?
You can earn from $100 to $5,000 monthly from uploading files online. (Am going to write a detailed step by step guide on how to earn money online uploading files. So stay put!)

List of get paid to Upload Files

31. Cleanfiles.net
32. Depositfiles.com
33. Firefiles.org
34. Uploading.com
35. Sharecash.org

Make Money Taking Paid Survey Online
This is yet another ways to earn cash from the internet, you get paid for taking surveys, anyone with no experience can do it. All you need to do is answer “yes” or “no”
We advice that you use a different email address for the purpose of this. So you can know that any email you receive is a paid survey. Most of the paid to take survey websites accept International members, but they don’t usually have survey for them, members from international countries. But members from Americans and Europeans countries can earn a lot of $$by participating in paid to take survey websites.

How Much Can One Earn Taking Paid Survey Online?
You can earn from $100 to $1,500 or more from participating on online surveys. Below are the lists of legitimate websites where you can join and get paid to take survey.

List of Paying Survey Sites to Join

36 DollarSurveys.net
37 OpinionOutpost.com
38 LighSpeedPanel.com
39 Mindfield Online
40 ACOP (American consumeropinion panel)
41 Greenfield.com
42 Synovate.com
43 Yourdailysurveys.com
44 MySurvey.com
45 SurveysPaid.com
46 MyViews.com
47 TestSpin.com
48 MyPoints
49 PineConeResearch.com
50 SurveySpot.com
51 TreasureTrooper.com
52 GlobalTestMarket.com
53 SurveyHead.com
54 SurveySavvy.com
55 VindaleResearch.com

I have taking out my time to write this (6 hours plus) and I read all the reviews from this websites to ensure that they are paying their members, also it is adviceable not to pay any websites to get accepted.
All who are ready and want to start earning money online free, you can go through the lists and be rest assure that you will definitely start making serious money in three months time.
From their, I advice you to build a Passive Income Business where You get paid without doing any more work. Or you do less work and get paid more.
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