How to Build a Forex Investment Blog

The forex market is livelier than ever for all the right reasons. Thanks to more brokers opening up the market to traders of different levels, the forex market now attracts a lot of new investors every day. There are more opportunities to make money in the market too, plus you no longer have to start with a big investment to trade forex.

The excitement surrounding the forex market is an opportunity of its own. With more people looking for resources and information about the market – as part of their efforts to enter the market – starting a forex investment blog is just as interesting. You can share your trading experience and secrets with a wider audience, and you can get started with your trading blog very easily.

Pick a Niche

Just like starting another type of website, you want to target a specific niche or market segment with your new forex investment blog. Yes, you can still talk about general technical and fundamental analyses, but you also want to add specific topics to the site.

For example, you can focus your forex blog on US Dollars. This means you can dig deep into pairs like EURUSD and GBPUSD, providing readers with in-depth analyses of the market from time to time. The trading strategies you share can also center around these pairs.

Alternatively, you can talk about the pairs you trade on

a regular basis. Most forex traders focus on a handful of pairs, and I’m sure you do too. It will not be long before people start recognizing you as an opinion leader and a top trader for select pairs.

Learn and Share

Self-improvement is one of the reasons why blogging about forex investment is a great idea. As you review your trades and talk about them, you are also evaluating yourself as a trader and finding new ways to improve. It is true that teaching is a great way to keep the mind sharp, and blogging is no different.

In fact, you can go a step further and start learning from other traders. InvestingGoal’s social trading and copy trading sections are hidden gems if you want to learn from the best eToro traders. InvestinGoal also has plenty of other resources to learn from.

More specifically, eToro gives you the ability to see trades made by professionals and analyze why those top traders open their position. You can compare their positions with yours for a more thorough analysis.

Make It Personal

Anyone can write about Moving Average and how to best use the technical indicator, but only a trader can share real experiences of using it for analyzing the market. This is where the true strength of your forex investment blog lies: your experience as a trader.

Adopt a personal point of view, share stories and experiences, and don’t be afraid to be honest with the audience. Combined with the resources you can learn from and a specific niche to focus on, starting a successful forex investment blog will be a walk in the park. You could be the next top trader on InvestinGoal’s page thanks to your forex blog.

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