8 Best Home Security Systems In 2022

There’s no doubting that in this day and age, protecting your home is much easier with a home security system. It’s a powerful deterrent, according to experts like Boulder theft defense attorneys Moorhead Law, and advancements in recent years have made them much more capable than you may have previously imagined. Here are ten to keep your eyes on.


Vivint offers something of a high-end security package, which includes a cheaper professional installation than many similar options. It’s got many of the features you’d expect from a state-of-the art security system, such as a camera, and integrated smart home features. It excels, however, by offering something unique as well with its Smart Lurker detection.


If you’re looking for more of a DIY approach that still provides plenty in the way of protection, you might want to consider the Frontpoint home security system. This model features smart home integration, along with ID theft protection. Crash & Smash protection, and even live video feeds to monitor your property. Just be prepared to install it yourself!


You may have already heard of SimpliSafe, thanks to the extensive advertising they do over multiple media channels. If you aren’t familiar, though, this security system is beloved because of—you guessed it—its simplicity. Pricing is straightforward, features are clear and easy to use, and because it’s a super-portable setup, this is a great option for renters.


For affordability and ease-of-use, the Cove security system will fit the bill for many consumers. They’ve made a name for themselves by providing some standout customer service, but that’s not the only claim they have to fame. The fact that they offer free upgrades and make it quick and easy to cancel service if you aren’t impressed are also big-time positives.


There’s little doubt you’ve heard of ADT, as they’ve been in the home security business for well over a century. With all that experience, they’ve continued to evolve so that they can stay at the forefront of protecting personal property, and with the newest iterations of their systems you’ll get the experienced monitoring you’d expect coupled with all that new-age gadgetry.


Abode is great if you’re trying to take advantage of smart home automation along with your security monitoring. As a versatile DIY option, it can work in conjunction with other smart home devices, like Amazon Alexa, Google, Apple Home, and the like. With this sort of flexibility, you can mix and match to achieve your ultimate home security setup.


The Ring makes for a robust, wi-fi-enabled security system that you can set up around your home. If monitoring the exterior of your premises is your main concern, then Ring makes that easy with it’s range of external sensors and powerful cameras. You’ll be able to keep a keen eye on everyone coming and going, and rest easy knowing you’ve got it all recorded as well.


Brinks is another “old school” security name, and they’ve also been able to leverage their experience to create a well-featured, modern security system. Integration with smart devices and wearables, wireless sensors, cameras—you need it, the Brinks system has it.

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